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Over the years we’ve cleaned so many dryer exhaust duct systems, and from time-to-time we get called in to solve a venting problem that no one else could seem to take care of.

These are some shots of a recent dryer vent cleaning that we did in downtown Toronto. The homeowner had two different companies in before us, and both of them charged her too much money and didn’t even solve the problem.

cleaning-outside-dryer-ventx cleaning-outside-dryer-ductx

The first guy came with a leaf blower, took the flex off the back of the dryer and blew in there with it. He pissed around for about an hour but didn’t come close to solving the problem with the dryer duct, and still charged her almost $400.

The second company came, and didn’t have a ladder either, even though she told them on the phone that her dryer vent is high up. These guys did a little better but still turned out to be useless. That was another $350.00 and again the problem was not solved. The dryer was not venting because nobody even tried to clean it properly. And these guys call themselves duct cleaners?

The homeowners here were very happy with the job that we did, and that’s because we completely solved the venting problem. I could explain the entire procedure quite easily but I won’t, because I have a real feeling that few duct cleaners in Toronto really know how to do this job properly anyway. So why give them any lessons?

The dryer duct on this job ran above the ceiling on the 2nd floor to the dryer, which was located completely on the opposite side of the house. This home is a semi, so that’s why it didn’t vent straight out the other wall.

This duct was completely plugged when we got there even though two other duct cleaning companies had (attempted to) clean it. We got it done perfectly. It took some doing, but the end result of course… perfection again. Like always.

The homeowner here was so happy with our work that she called us back a week later to do the duct cleaning in her whole house. Making our customers happy and earning their trust and future business is what we do best!

If you have any problems with your dryer duct, call City Duct Cleaning first.

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