Clothes Dryer Maintenance and Fire Prevention Tips

Clothes dryer fire

We recommend that the dryer exhaust duct be cleaned at least every two years in most homes. The frequency of this cleaning largely depends on the amount of use that your dryer actually gets. If, for example, you do several loads of laundry every day, then you will need to have your dryer duct cleaned more frequently.

It is more cost-effective to have this type of cleaning done in conjunction with your regular whole-house duct cleaning. We do, however, also provide this type of service on an as-needed basis.

Always vent the clothes dryer to the outside with a smooth-walled metal duct that is as short as possible. Do not vent the dryer directly into the laundry room.  This puts too much moisture into the house. We also do dryer exhaust duct installations and repairs as well, so please call on us if you require an estimate for this type of service.

Fire Prevention Tips

Here’s a tip that was passed along by one of our customers: Take out the lint filter from the dryer and hold it under the water faucet and see if it holds water. You would normally think its a screen and it will flow right through. The dryer sheets that you use all the time clogs it up but you can’t see it. If water does not flow through it, then take some warm soapy water and scrub it with a rag or a brush and try the test again. The water should go straight through.

For more safety and energy-saving tips related to the operation of your clothes dryer, check out this short video. It’s a real eye-opener.

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