Clean Air At Last

Clean Air Just a few months ago one of our customers told us he was feeling very ill and stuffed up every time he spent any more than half an hour in his own home. We went in and cleaned his air ducts and installed a whole-house hepa filtration system. This customer also took our recommendation that he purchase a smaller room-sized portable hepa filter for the master bedroom and now according to this gentleman, everything especially his health has changed for the better. Much better.

During subsequent follow-up calls, he stated that he was highly impressed with the duct cleaning we did. The technicians showed him all the dirt that was coming out of the ducts before it got sucked into our large hose. He also opted to have his duct system sealed and deodorized after the cleaning was done as we suggested, and all in all this turned out to be another amazing job well done by us, City Duct Cleaning Inc., the air quality problem solvers. We’re damned good at what we do.

We also explained how to adjust the duct vents and dampers with the changing seasons so they can continue to enjoy the best possible air flow in their home all year long.

If you and your family are suffering from poor indoor air quality like many people are, then you owe it to yourself to call City Duct. People never seem to even imagine that one call can have their air quality problems solved so quickly and easily.

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