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107mmx kinds of dust masks

The Kinds of Dust Masks and Why They Are Important

Dust masks are used to protect users from dust and other airborne dangers. Finding the right mask is easy; all you need to do is first recognize what you need it for. If you thought that this protective device is simple and just plain, well you are wrong, they actually come in a variety of excellent and lovely designs. Manufacturers of this item realize that people come in different face sizes and that’s why the masks come in a variety of sizes. Twin strap and single strap designs are available with that convex shape and a nose clip for extra protection.

Finding a mask that works for your face is one important thing. The lightweight nature and comfort tag is vital to the mask offering efficiency in its purpose. Since not many materials are used in its manufacture, they are easily disposable. If you in work a construction company, re-furbishing your home, doing some painting or working with wood, it is vital to own a dust mask to help reduce exposure to particles from sand, paints, and drywalls. To avoid buying one piece every time, the dust masks come in boxes of around 20 masks.

Welding fumes, smoke, sawing, sanding and grinding are some other applications that a mask protects against. Working around your farm can prove hazardous so it is important to get a pair of dust masks in case you are doing some sweeping and weeding or pruning your garden. Allergens are everywhere in the air especially in dust. It is one thing to be wary of hazards and another to take precautions. A dust mask will save you a trip to the clinic; learn to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria that may come with pollen and soot.


To avoid dealing with the consequences that come with dust and other harmful airborne aspects, invest in this item. Dust masks are not expensive. The design and material used to make them will determine the price. There are various manufacturers of this product, however, 3M makes the most durable of the disposable masks, and these are the ones that our technicians normally use.

So do not be alarmed if you see the duct cleaning technician wearing one while cleaning your ducts. Its not that we are there creating lots of dust, but it is just a part of the normal safety precautions that we use on a daily basis.

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Child Poisoned By Air Freshener

A two year old child has been poisoned after swallowing a liquid air freshener that he or she appears to have found inside an air vent.

Using a scented product to treat the air in a room is something that is commonly done, but I’ve always preferred to apply a duct deodorizer directly into the main air ducts, and this is something that is done in conjunction with a residential duct cleaning job on an as-needed basis.

When using a gel-type odor bar or even some kind of scented oil, it should be installed inside the furnace fan compartment. It would be much safer to use the product that way, not only will it be out of anyone’s reach, but the product will also treat the air in the whole house as opposed to only one room.

This heart-breaking story sadly proves that my common-sense method is by far the better one.

Child Poisoned By Air Freshener in NL

If you will ever be using any type of air freshener in your home that can be picked up by hand, whether it is a gel-type product, an air freshener in a plastic case or a bottle of scented oil or whatever, then please make sure that the product is being used safely.

Once you read that short news story linked above, you will surely remember it the next time you do use such a product.