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Duct Cleaning Safety At Work: Part 1

Just for fun, let’s take a look at these photos about Safety At Work…

This series of photos have absolutely nothing to do with us or the way we do our work. In fact, we have an excellent work safety record which is due to several factors such as staff training and a company Health and Safety Policy. Safety to everyone concerned always comes first.

Its still fun to laugh about how some other trades people do their work. You may notice that there is no “duct cleaning technician” photo in here.


Air conditioner installer
air conditioner installer
Aircraft mechanicx mechanic
aircraft mechanic
Auto mechanicx mechanic
auto mechanic
Baggage handlerx handler
baggage handler
City maintenance crew
city maintenance crew
Construction site worker
construction site worker
Electricianx data electrici
Expert in-biological weapons
expert in biological weapons


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