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Dust Allergies

What Is An Allergy?

There’s a lot of talk about allergies. But just what is an allergy and what causes them? Why do some people have them while others don’t? And why are people with one allergy more inclined to have many?The immune system is set up to protect our bodies from harmful, foreign substances. Like viruses and bacteria (dirt and germs). Sometimes the immune system doesn’t develop properly or is just oversensitive and doesn’t react right. In these cases, it reacts to things that aren’t harmful and don’t usually cause people any problems. These things are called allergens. The term allergens is just...Read More

Major Health Benefits Gained From Cleaning Your Air Ducts And Garbage Chutes

Are the residents in your building complaining about allergic reactions, watery eyes and foul smells in the common areas of your building? There's a good chance that it's time to have your building's air ducts, garbage chutes and garbage compactor cleaned. When considering environmental problems, indoor air pollution is among the highest risk to human health. Indoor air pollution levels are often ten times or more higher than those outdoors, and this is easily verified by doing a minimal amount of research online.Even in the most well-kept buildings, your ventilation ductwork can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, fungi...Read More
City Duct Cleaning

Child Poisoned By Air Freshener

A two year old child has been poisoned after swallowing a liquid air freshener that he or she appears to have found inside an air vent. Using a scented product to treat the air in a room is something that is commonly done, but I've always preferred to apply a duct deodorizer directly into the main air ducts, and this is something that is done in conjunction with a residential duct cleaning job on an as-needed basis. When using a gel-type odor bar or even some kind of scented oil, it should be installed inside the furnace fan compartment. It would...Read More

Getting your home ready for the Spring

Cleaning your air ducts is one of the healthiest home maintenance decisions you can make. Over time, the surfaces inside your air ducts become laden with particles of dust, allergens, and other debris. Some of these contaminants will cause allergic reactions and the rest will significantly decrease the efficiency of your heating/cooling system. With the spring fast approaching, now would be an excellent time to consider having your home's duct systems professionally cleaned. Call us at City Duct Cleaning to arrange an appointment that best suits your schedule. (416) 293-1800Read More

Smoke Damage in Air Duct Systems

  Unfortunately, a forced air ventilation system is quite effective at spreading smoke throughout your house. When a fire occurs and the furnace or cooling system is on, it acts as a vacuum and sucks in all the smoke and redistributes it throughout the house. It creates an unbelievable mess that no one should have to go through. Being in business for as long as we have, most restoration companies call us when they need to clean the air ducts so they are able to clean the rest of the house. Think about it... would you change the oil in...Read More