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Air Duct System Repairs

Air Duct System Repairs

Here are some examples of why it makes good sense to keep your air duct systems in good repair. The photos below show some of the recent dryer exhaust ducts that we have cleaned, but the principle applies to any air duct system whether it is for an exhaust system or for heating or cooling in a home or a business. The first set of photos shows a broken 90 degree elbow that was found by our inspection camera or duct cam. The duct being photographed in this case is in a retirement home. We measured it out and broke a...Read More

Proactive IAQ Management

A large percentage of complaints that are related to indoor air quality can be avoided by routine inspections of a facility's occupied space and its mechanical systems by someone knowledgeable about and sensitive to IAQ issues. Minor complaints can also be prevented in many cases from escalating into a full-blown crises simply with good communication between building occupants and the facility's management team. A quick response to IAQ concerns is both prudent and extremely helpful. Proactive measures to help maintain good indoor air quality would at a minimum include: Designating an IAQ manager Developing an IAQ facility profile Identifying potential...Read More
Air vent damper

Making Adjustments To Your Air Duct System

For optimum performance from your HVAC system, you will need to adjust your air duct system slightly at the beginning of the heating season, and then again at the start of the cooling season. The reason for this is because warm air naturally rises, which makes it harder for your system to cool your second floor in the summer. In the summer you should have all of the air vents on the 2nd floor wide open. This also includes any dampers in the pipes that are serving those vents. On the main floor, the air vents should be about half-way...Read More
Air duct system

Is Your Furnace Ready?

The Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to the summer for many, and since we've also been having almost fall-like weather these past few days, I think it might be prudent to run this post once again. Getting Your Heating System Ready For The Fall offers some helpful advice, and the only other thing I might add now that another year has gone by is when we get to the part where your furnace fan comes on, make sure that you actually feel the air blowing from the vents. Heat will rise and some warmth will come out of...Read More
Dirty Furnace Fan

Will a dirty air system result in higher energy costs?

Good question. Will a dirty air system result in higher energy costs? The answer is most definitely yes! How much higher depends on several factors including the amount of contamination and its location. More specifically, how many of the air handling components are badly effected by the dirt in the system? Many times it is all of them. How much money you can save on your energy bills by maintaining a clean HVAC system also depends on several things too, and there is really no cut-and-dry method to figure this out exactly. Its been said for 30 years or more...Read More