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Eelectrostatic air filters

What is so GREAT about an electrostatic air filter?

Permanent – This filter is designed to last a lifetime. You should never have to replace it. High Efficiency – Designed to “eat” 95% of the dust and debris in your system. Washable – Easy to maintain. Wash or vacuum. Feel free to put this filter in your dishwasher to clean it. It can be cleaned 100's of times without damaging any of the media inside. Resistance – Your HVAC system is able to draw air through this filter much easier than a disposable filter. Cost –This filter will easily pay for itself over and over. It will save you...Read More

Why Is It Important That the Air Stream Side of the Furnace is Cleaned

At City Duct Cleaning we always clean the air stream side of the furnace with each and every duct cleaning. We will clean out the filters, fan, fan compartments, heat exchangers, the air side of the plenums and the coils. This service is included in our base cost, as we find it one of the most important jobs to complete in a home.Anyone can just clean the duct system in your home. Great, the inside of the ducts may be cleaned, but once your system becomes active again, your ducts are just as dirty when you started. The key is...Read More
Smoke Stacks

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution: Outdoor Air

Indoor air contaminants can come from many sources. Air from the outside becomes indoor air, bringing in dust and exhausts from traffic. Another important factor to consider is that there are also industrially produced contaminants that are local to the area. These can include emissions from wood burning stoves or oil or gas furnaces and urban/agricultural pesticides. At certain times, pollens and molds can be brought in as well. Without intervention inside the house such as the best filtration you can have or afford, the indoor air can only be as good as the outdoor air. The good news is that there...Read More
Furnace Technician

Gas Furnace Cleaning and Inspections

There are plenty of do it yourself articles available on the internet about how to clean your own gas furnace but I do not believe that any of these articles are really providing anyone with very useful or prudent information. Anyone who cleans or inspects a gas furnace in Ontario has to be a licensed gas technician, and for good reason. Most duct cleaners are not licensed gas technicians, nor are most homeowners.If you've gotten some half-information about how to clean your own gas furnace, then how do you know if you didn't miss something unsafe about your furnace that...Read More

Rooftop HVAC Equipment

What parts of an air system should be cleaned? There are three major parts to every air system. The supply and return grills, the interior surfaces of the supply and return air ductwork, and the furnace or air conditioner air handler. All three components must be cleaned when doing an air duct cleaning. If only one or two of the components are cleaned and any part of the system is not done, then contaminants from the third component will rapidly contaminate those that were cleaned. Alot of duct cleaning companies in the Toronto area quote prices to clean the ductwork...Read More