Fire Restoration Services

91mmx smoke damaged air return grill

Fire Restoration Duct Cleaning

Since our inception, City Duct Cleaning has been very much involved in the restoration of fire and flood damage in homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

The air vents and diffusers in the photos below look like regular dirty vents that you’d see almost everywhere. But these particular ones came from a duct system that was serving an office area that had a recent bad fire.

Dirty air diffuser Sooty air vent

Smoke damaged-ceiling diffuser Sooty air-vent back

These vents smelled very bad because of the smoke, and in fact, they were so sooty that we choose to gather them up and bring them back to our office to clean them, rather than doing it on site.

The back of the diffusers were completely smoke damaged, and so were the grills. But we cleaned, disinfected them and shined them up so perfectly that the customer thought we were brining back new ones instead of the ones he originally had.

Sooty air vents Very sooty air vent

Smoke damaged air return grill Fire damaged-air vent

Judging from the amount of soot that we found on these air vents, you can imagine the state of the air duct systems and the HVAC units, which were thoroughly sooted out. We cleaned that all up like new too, but that’s our specialty. We love doing this kind of cleaning.

If you ever have the misfortune to experience a fire or flood damage in your home or place of business, you can request City Duct Cleaning Inc. to take care of your air handling systems if you are in the Greater Toronto Area. The entire cost of our service is something that your insurance company will usually pay for completely, as air duct cleaning is a normal procedure in the remedial of fire and flood damage claims.


Fire Restoration Duct Cleaning

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Disaster Restoration Cleanup From Fire Wind And Water

Tornados Hit Maple, Ont. in August 2009

water flood damage Fire water flood damage Fire flood damage

At City Duct Cleaning we’ve always been involved in water and smoke damage restoration, and we have done some tornado jobs in the past too. But those ones never seemed to be all that close to home.

The tornados that hit Maple, Ontario back in the summer of 2009 was a huge disaster where literally dozens and dozens of homes were so badly damaged that it required many people to have to vacate their homes.

Our part in the restoration started with the removal of the attic insulation. Many homes had large parts of their roofs blown off, and what insulation that remained was wet and had to be removed immediately before mold set in.

Most people in the GTA did not see all the damage that happened but in several neighborhoods it looked like a war zone. Some will find the first set of photos here to be quite interesting and for others it might be an unpleasant reminder of what happened that day, but our point is merely to demonstrate another of the many ways that we are involved in disaster restoration clean up.

Part of the Disaster Cleanup Process

Removing the attic insulation can be done by either using a truck-mounted vacuum system or a portable one. But regardless of which type of vacuum is used, it is still necessary to get right in there and suck out every inch of the attic space.

The photos below show a part of that job while in progress. In many cases we were working in attic spaces that had crushed-in or severely damaged roofs.

Fire wind flood restoration Fire and wind flood restoration Fire flood restoration

Ductcleaning restoration Duct restoration Duct cleaning restoration

It took almost a year for some home owners to get their lives back in order. After the emergency restoration work was all completed, we were once again called upon but this time we were needed to clean the air duct systems just prior to the homeowners moving back in. Many of the damaged homes also had most if not all of their drywall replaced, and an air duct cleaning is a normal part of any renovation.

If you require air duct cleaning in your Toronto area home whether it is due to a recent renovation or if it is required as part of your normal home maintenance, then call City Duct Cleaning today. We can help you and your family live in a cleaner environment and to breathe much cleaner air.

Candles Are Pretty But Also Deadly

Did you know that it only takes seconds for a flickering flame to engulf your home? In past years, the popularity of candles has increased greatly and so has the number of house fires.

Candles People leaving a candle burning on a table do not realize the potential damage awaiting them. Fires will spread quickly and the heat, smoke, gases, soot and toxic fumes could be deadly.Your home’s furnace ventilation system, when running, acts like a vacuum and can draw in all the smoke from a candle and spread it throughout your home in a matter of minutes creating a sooty mess you can’t imagine.

So in the future, please remember that even though candles are romantic and pretty…they can also be deadly.

How does this relate to an air duct cleaning blog? We’ve been doing fire restoration for over two decades now, and have been to literally hundreds of house fires that have been caused by burning candles… or at least by candles that people thought were extinguished but weren’t. What we do, the air duct cleaning and deodorizing of the HVAC system, is a small part of the complete fire restoration service.

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