Duct Cleaning Scams

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Rip-Off Duct Company Gets Shut Down

Here's an interesting story about a company in Boston who advertised air duct cleaning services and then once in the customers' homes, proceeded to rip them off by using high pressure sales tactics to upsell additional services and products that were not even delivered. The story says that people were sold electrostatic air filters and ultraviolet light air purification systems, which in themselves are good things, however, the company somehow pressured people to prepay for these items and additional services that they would not receive. The company has been ordered to pay restitution. Part of the agreement states that should...Read More

Telemarketers and Air Duct Cleaning

Telemarketers can sure be so annoying at times. They call for everything, and duct cleaning is one of those things that I personally get the most calls about. And windows too. And the banks trying to sell their insurance or credit cards... those guys are relentless too.  At City Duct Cleaning, telemarketing is something that we DO NOT engage in. Just about everyone already knows about duct cleaning these days, and if you need our services for whatever the reason, we are always very easy to find. The people who offer you duct cleaning by telemarketing to you almost exclusively...Read More
21mmx whole house special

Beware of Whole House Specials

Lately we've been hearing more and more complaints about "whole house specials" and reading about them on the internet too. Whole house specials are advertised in the Toronto area for anywhere from $99.00 to $120.00 or $130.00. It just depends where you look. Bait and Switch is a common rip-off tactic that has been around for many years and it is also being used by some duct cleaners in our area as well. They lead you to believe that you are going to get the ducts in your entire home professionally cleaned for only $120.00, but of course, once they...Read More