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Duct cleaning scam on video

Duct Cleaning Scam on Video

This short video from Channel 2 News in New York talks about a duct cleaning scam where the company advertises a "whole house special" for only $88.00. I'm sure you've seen similar "Whole House Duct Cleaning Special" signs posted all over the streets of the GTA during the spring and the fall. I've personally noticed these signs in dozens and dozens of neighborhoods, and attached to light poles at main intersections throughout the city... it's amazing how these guys seem to get their signs out all at once and cover such a huge area. I often wonder if they get...Read More
Best Duct Cleaning Company

Why We’re The Best Duct Cleaning Company!

Remember 20 years ago when there were only about 5 or 6 air duct cleaning companies in all of the GTA to choose from? We were one of them. We're still here, and we're the best! We've seen several other companies come and go in that time, and they all knew that City Duct was doing something right. That's why many of our competitors have always strived to be like us. And since we've always been a leader in the industry, they always tried to do what we were doing, but they never truly understood what that was. Well, I have news...Read More

Beware of possible fire hazard

City Duct Cleaning Inc. has always specialized in fire restoration work, and over the years we have seen fires in many homes that were caused by the homeowners having removed their electronic air cleaner cells and replacing them with a 4" or 5" cardboard high-efficiency air filter. This in itself is a reasonable thing to do, as these disposable filters require basically no maintenance at all as compared to the cumbersome air cleaner cells that were replaced. And if the cells were not being cleaned regularly then the cardboard replacement can be even more efficient than what they had. It...Read More
Dead mouse in hvac system

What’s that smell?

People often call us not only because their air ducts are dirty, but because when their HVAC system comes on, a horrible smell emanates throughout the house. What's that smell, is the question. Alot of times a mouse or little Suzie's pet gerbil finds its way into the duct system creating havoc for itself and eventually the unsuspecting homeowner. It finds its way in, but unfortunately, it cannot find its way out, and succumbs to the darkness of the ducts. It may take a few days for you to notice, but eventually the rodent starts to decompose and that's when...Read More
City Duct Cleaning owners receiving the 2005 Consumers Choice Award

Consumers Choice Award

What is it you ask? Well, it's an organization which conducts surveys, residential and commercial alike, across North America to determine who is the number one company in a variety of services ranging from travel to car rental to in-house service work. The Consumers Choice Award has been conducting their surveys in the GTA for the past twelve years and since 2005, City Duct Cleaning Inc. has been chosen as the NUMBER ONE Air Duct Cleaner for the GTA. We have, since day one, always taken pride in everything we do. To be recognized by an organization such as Consumers...Read More