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Why so cold

Why So Cold In Here?

What are some common factors for it being cold in the house? It could be lots of things, such as poor insulation, old windows, bad air flow… As Mrs. Angela Sheridan of Toronto, Ontario writes: ‘My husband and I were having a problem in our daughter’s room with it being very cold at night. We would turn up the furnace to no avail as it was still very cold. On the other hand, the rest of the house was quite comfortable. We called a local heating/cooling company to come service the furnace and we were told that the furnace was...Read More
Air Conditioner

Will Cleaning My Air Ducts Solve My No-Cooling Problem?

During the hot weather or "air conditioning season" as we call it, we often get enquiries related to problems such as not enough cooling. Sometimes the problem is throughout the entire home but usually the problem is that there is just not enough cooling getting to the top floor. The most common question we hear is, will cleaning my air ducts solve this problem? Call any number of air duct cleaning companies and most people will tell you that it definitely will. But the truth is that cleaning your air duct system for this reason only is kind of hit-or-miss....Read More
City Duct Cleaning In Action

See City Duct doing a residential air duct cleaning job in Toronto

Here's a quick video of us doing the air duct cleaning in a newer home in the Toronto area. This duct cleaning video is condensed down to only 30 seconds but its enough to give you a general idea of what we do. Enjoy! Updated:Read More
Dust closes operating rooms in Ontario

Dust Closes Operating Rooms

A major General Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, has been forced to shut seven out of their eight operating rooms for one week due to heavy amounts of dust particles.   The problem was discovered by staff members only after new air handling units were installed. They thought, after 2 days of closure and cleaning, the problem would go away, but 95 operations later… the problem was still there.   No matter what type of air handling system it is, whether commercial, residential or institutional…the air duct system must ALWAYS be checked and cleaned as necessary. Preventative maintenance goes a long way…...Read More
Best Duct Cleaner Award Toronto 2009

Thank You Toronto!

Thank you, Toronto for voting us the Best Air Duct Cleaner for 2009. We just recently won the Consumer's Choice Award for best duct cleaner, and this is our 5th consecutive year winning this pretegious award. We also just won the Top Choice Award again for our 3rd consecutive year. We look forward to continuing to provide the best possible services to all of our customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We provide air duct cleaning to residential, commercial and industrial clients. We also specialize in high-efficiency air filtration and gas furnace repairs, cleaning and installations. Need a humidifier or want...Read More