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Duct Cleaning Editorial 2005

Duct Cleaning Editorial Toronto

This is an editorial about City Duct Cleaning Inc. that appeared in the Toronto Sun shortly after we won the Consumers' Choice Award for Best Duct Cleaner in the Toronto area in 2005. We have won this prestigious award for five consecutive years now, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for 2010. We've been working hard to keep earning your trust, and we look forward to our continued success in providing top quality services in the Toronto area. City Duct Cleaning Inc. began servicing the Greater Toronto Area in 1987, and offers service and installation departments managed and operated...Read More

Getting your home ready for the Spring

Cleaning your air ducts is one of the healthiest home maintenance decisions you can make. Over time, the surfaces inside your air ducts become laden with particles of dust, allergens, and other debris. Some of these contaminants will cause allergic reactions and the rest will significantly decrease the efficiency of your heating/cooling system. With the spring fast approaching, now would be an excellent time to consider having your home's duct systems professionally cleaned. Call us at City Duct Cleaning to arrange an appointment that best suits your schedule. (416) 293-1800Read More

Smoke Damage in Air Duct Systems

  Unfortunately, a forced air ventilation system is quite effective at spreading smoke throughout your house. When a fire occurs and the furnace or cooling system is on, it acts as a vacuum and sucks in all the smoke and redistributes it throughout the house. It creates an unbelievable mess that no one should have to go through. Being in business for as long as we have, most restoration companies call us when they need to clean the air ducts so they are able to clean the rest of the house. Think about it... would you change the oil in...Read More

Invisible Duct Cleaning Equipment vs. Massive Suction

I think its comical when I go surfing other duct cleaning sites on the web sometimes and I see them showing a picture of their truck and their equipment... sometimes they've got a cube van with all the hoses displayed on the ground in front of the back door, and you can see right into the truck. There's ladders hanging there, you can sometimes see a small shop vac in the picture and way up near the front you can see a compressor. But what I'd like to know is where is your vacuum equipment? Is what you're showing us...Read More

Great Reviews

At City Duct we've had an excellent quality assurance program in effect for many years. A part of that program is our quality questionaire that we ask our customers to fill out while we are in their home. Here are some of the comments that came off the bottom of those same questionaires. These are almost the same as duct cleaning reviews that you would see online, only we actually have these and plenty more in writing. I grabbed a bunch of these off the top of the pile, and as you can see, we have a near-perfect rating. Thanks...Read More