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Dirty Furnace Fan

Will a dirty air system result in higher energy costs?

Good question. Will a dirty air system result in higher energy costs? The answer is most definitely yes! How much higher depends on several factors including the amount of contamination and its location. More specifically, how many of the air handling components are badly effected by the dirt in the system? Many times it is all of them. How much money you can save on your energy bills by maintaining a clean HVAC system also depends on several things too, and there is really no cut-and-dry method to figure this out exactly. Its been said for 30 years or more...Read More

Duct Cleaning Procedure

The duct cleaning procedure in a Toronto area home starts with a visual inspection of your heating and air duct system. Hoses are then run from the truck and into your home. A vacuum hose is usually brought in through a basement window, or sometimes it is set up through your front door and down the basement stairs. An air hose is run from the truck to the top floor, usually to the furthest air vent from the truck. Access holes are created in the duct system, and the vacuum hose is inserted directly into the duct system. Once the...Read More

What about video inspection cameras?

Frequently Asked Questions In my professional opinion, video inspection is unnecessary to effectively view and clean  the average residential duct system We can simply put our head up inside the Duct where our vacuum is hooked up and physically view the duct's interior with our own eyes. In fact many of the CHEAP wireless inspection cameras are of very poor quality and can actually make a dirty duct system appear to be clean. The technician will be unable to show you inside any of the heating vents with these cameras and he will be limited to showing you only a...Read More

Duct Cleaning Technicians Versus HVAC Technicians

As the owner of a very successful duct cleaning business as well as a seasoned technician I am often asked by our customers if we are qualified to clean their furnace/AC system and my response is this... The cleaning that a duct cleaner can do on your furnace/AC only consists of cleaning the components that the air moves through, However, the law is very clear in this matter and states that Duct Cleaning companies may only clean these conveyance components while they remain in tact and they may never be removed or altered in any way whatsoever. With that being...Read More

Clean Air At Last

Just a few months ago one of our customers told us he was feeling very ill and stuffed up every time he spent any more than half an hour in his own home. We went in and cleaned his air ducts and installed a whole-house hepa filtration system. This customer also took our recommendation that he purchase a smaller room-sized portable hepa filter for the master bedroom and now according to this gentleman, everything especially his health has changed for the better. Much better. During subsequent follow-up calls, he stated that he was highly impressed with the duct cleaning we did. The technicians showed him all the dirt that was coming out of the ducts...Read More