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How Dysfunctional Ductwork Makes You Spend More

You might not think that much about your ducts, but they can significantly affect both your finances and life. If the vents do not work well, they can cause health issues and cost you more money. If the ducts start to leak, they can let in toxins to your home, and the leak leads to higher energy bills. Knowing how to fix dysfunctional ductwork is essential. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of getting regular home duct cleaning services. Air Control and Humidity Levels The air ducts move air through the air conditioning or heating system. The air...Read More
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Consumer Checklist After Duct Cleaning

This checklist is designed to help consumer understand the process of HVAC Cleaning.Read More
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Determine if Your HVAC Cleaning Was Effective

After going years without having the ductwork in your home or business cleaned, you researched different companies that offer air duct cleaning services. Although you believe that you hired the best professional for the job, how can you determine if the HVAC cleaning was, in fact, effective? If you notice any of the following, you can feel confident that the service was successful. Reduced Dust Accumulation – With dust, pet dander, debris, and other contaminants inside the ductwork, whenever the HVAC system kicks on, forced air blows it out into the rooms. As a result, might have struggled to keep...Read More
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Duct Cleaning Service in Toronto: Understanding the Fundamentals

There is no physical way for you to go through the ductwork in your home to determine if it needs to be cleaned. For that reason, you need to pay attention to the signs and then hire a reputable company that offers top-rated air duct cleaning services in Toronto and the surrounding area. Getting Ductwork Professionally Cleaned Fortunately, companies that provide this service have the expertise and use the necessary equipment. For example, a qualified technician uses a special camera that is designed to capture images deep in the system. These images are then viewed and analyzed, which helps determine...Read More
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Good Service Is Good Business

Here's an interesting and very true quote that we'd like to share. "Good Service Is Good Business" - Siebel Ad. This one hits close to home for us because its something that we've always been aware of. We have not only been aware of this fact but we've lived it and have practiced it always since we first opened the doors at City Duct Cleaning back in 1987. Providing excellent service is something that we strive to do for all our customers. We know that the customer experience begins with their first phone call. We have knowledgeable office staff who...Read More