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Dirty Dryer Exhaust Ducts

From one single dryer in a customer's home to dozens of commercial machines in a coin laundry, City Duct Cleaning cleans all dryer exhaust ductwork big and small. And whether the dryers are gas-fired or electric, that doesn't matter either. They all produce the same amount of lint, and you'd be very surprised to see how quickly the lint builds up in your ductwork. City Duct Cleaning does dryer duct cleaning in homes, condominiums and in places of business such as laundromats, hotels, retirement homes and more! For more info on dryer duct cleaning, check out these additional posts... https://www.cityductcleaning.com/category/dryer-ducts/...Read More

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Ducts?

    There are many factors that will determine the frequency of dryer duct cleaning. These things include the length of your dryer exhaust run or piping, and how often the machine is used. For the average home, it is recommended that dryer duct cleaning be done once every year. For a commercial application, semi-annual cleaning is often needed. We have some customers who have us clean their dryer exhaust ductwork monthly. In one case, they do several loads of laundry every day and the length of their dryer duct is fairly long. They have also experienced a dryer duct...Read More
Air Duct System Repairs

Air Duct System Repairs

Here are some examples of why it makes good sense to keep your air duct systems in good repair. The photos below show some of the recent dryer exhaust ducts that we have cleaned, but the principle applies to any air duct system whether it is for an exhaust system or for heating or cooling in a home or a business. The first set of photos shows a broken 90 degree elbow that was found by our inspection camera or duct cam. The duct being photographed in this case is in a retirement home. We measured it out and broke a...Read More

Dryer Duct Fires and How to Help Prevent Them

There are hundreds of clothes dryer fires every year which causes death, injuries and millions of dollars in destruction. How many people toss a load of wash in the dryer and then go to work or simply go to bed? Watch this story and you probably won't want to ever do that again. What causes dryer fires? Experts say its a combination of heat and lint. Not just the lint you can see on your lint trap but the lint you can't see in the dryer's exhaust. It's a combination of heat and blockage of proper venting. If there's a...Read More

Dryer Vent and Air Duct Cleaning Testimonials

Here is another small sampling of the 100's of testimonials that City Duct Cleaning has acquired over the years. We literally have stacks of these in our office and while we are thrilled with each and every testimonial, it would be impossible to post them all here. Our sincere thanks go out to all of you that have taken the time to call or write to let us know how we are doing. Some of these people have called in their testimonials, while others have written and then mailed in an air duct cleaning testimonial or even a dryer vent...Read More