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The Importance of Cleaned Air Ducts in Commercial Buildings

As a company owner, you have a tremendous responsibility to your employees, vendors, and even the building where you perform business. However, people often overlook the importance of scheduling certain types of maintenance. Commercial air duct cleaning services are the perfect example.

Every day, employees come to work, vendors make calls, and visitors show up. Once inside the building, they all breathe the same air. If compromised, they’re also all at risk of developing a health-related problem. To maintain a healthy work environment, take advantage of commercial duct cleaning in Toronto.

Commercial duct cleaning services in Toronto benefit all organizations. However, they’re especially critical for some. For example, if your company processes chemicals, then the air quality becomes an even bigger deal.

Problems With Unclean Ductwork

To understand why commercial air duct cleaning services are so important, consider some of the problems caused by dirty ductwork.

Over time, the ductwork becomes dirty. By “dirt,” that refers to mold, dust, insect and rodent droppings, and more. The air the HVAC system pushes through the ductwork is what everyone inhales. So, by not hiring a reputable source for commercial duct cleaning in Toronto, everyone’s at risk of getting sick.

Here’s a perfect example of why it’s crucial to use commercial duct cleaning services in Toronto. Unbeknownst to anyone, the level of humidity in a building is much higher than deemed healthy. That excessive moisture ends up in the ductwork, which becomes a breeding ground for mold. Because no one can see inside the ducts, they don’t realize a problem exists.

At some point, employees, contractors, and others who spend time in the building begin to get sick. For some, that includes developing a runny nose or watery eyes. For others, the mold exacerbates asthma, COPD, and other upper respiratory issues.
If this happened in your company, you would need to find a trusted source for commercial duct cleaning in Toronto immediately. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that the affected individuals would only get worse.

Additional Problems With Dirty Ducts

Another reason for using professional commercial air duct cleaning services has to do with rodent and insect droppings. Again, this can affect some businesses more than others. Regardless, the droppings, along with nesting material and hair, are a recipe for disaster when they stay in the ductwork and filter into the building’s air.

In that case, you might need to hire an exterminator in addition to commercial duct cleaning in Toronto. Remember, the leading experts recommend annual cleaning. That way, you can provide everyone with a healthy work environment.

Turn to a Reputable Source

City Duct Cleaning specializes in commercial air duct cleaning services. This ensures a clean working environment. However, it also eliminates the need for the HVAC system to work so hard. So, with our services, this system will perform better and last longer. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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Cost Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning

When it comes to utilizing services for commercial duct cleaning in Toronto, there are additional benefits beyond safety and efficiency. While most people focus on those two factors, there is also a cost-saving factor to consider. Why spend more for clean air quality when you can use professional services that help reduce your costs?

There are a number of cost benefits that you should know about. Especially for smaller companies on tighter budgets, finding a viable way to cut back on expenses is extremely helpful. With duct cleaning services in Toronto, you will save money. Just make sure you hire a reputable and licensed business to perform the work. That way, you know the services meet strict industry and company standards.

Clean Air Quality

Any dust, debris, or rodent droppings that accumulate inside of ductwork become airborne as soon as the heating or air conditioning system kicks on. As you can imagine, that creates a risk for your employees. Especially for people with asthma, allergies, COPD, and other upper respiratory problems, dirty indoor air quality is a serious issue.

By having the duct system of your business cleaned, a technician eliminates all those pollutants, among others. The healthier the air, the more productive your workers are and the less time they miss at work. Ultimately, this can save you a substantial amount of money.

Reduced Energy Cost

Another benefit of hiring the best company for commercial duct cleaning in Toronto is the fact that you will spend less for the consumption of energy. When a heating or air conditioning system becomes dirty, it has to work harder and longer. With continuous operation, the cost of utilities increases dramatically.

Fewer Repair Costs or Replacement

Again, a dirty HVAC system has to work long and hard to keep the interior space of your business comfortable. Because of that, you can expect to need repair services more often. You might even need to replace the entire system prematurely. While some repairs are not too costly, others are extremely expensive. As for early replacement of the system, the cost increases even more. Choosing to have your HVAC system cleaned and maintained will go a long way in cutting down costs.

Clean Air for an Affordable Price

At City Duct Cleaning, we take pride in offering our customers an excellent service at a competitive price. Keep your employees happy and your overall expenses down by calling us today. You will be glad you did.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

How Commercial Duct Cleaning Differs from Residential Duct Cleaning in Toronto

Although both commercial and residential duct cleaning in Toronto is based on the same concept, there are differences in how these two services are performed. In both cases, ductwork with accumulated contaminants is cleaned, thereby improving indoor air quality. This is beneficial for everyone but in particular for people who struggle with asthma, COPD, and other types of upper respiratory problems.

In comparing a home and business, there is often a significant difference in square footage. Therefore, the primary difference between the two services has to do with the type of equipment used. For commercial duct cleaning, the equipment has to reach the HVAC system, which is often challenging. In addition, businesses typically have a more complex ductwork system than homes do.

Residential Duct Cleaning in Toronto

For this type of duct cleaning in Toronto, most companies use truck-mounted equipment, formally known as a commercial vacuum. Usually, the vacuum is operated by a gas engine, which remains located outside of the home.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Toronto

For commercial Toronto duct cleaning, the most common solution involves a portable vacuum operated by an engine-powered compressor. Due to the amount of square footage associated with commercial structures, as well as larger and longer duct systems, electrical-powered equipment is required.

Duct Cleaning Price

Price is another difference between residential and commercial duct cleaning. With this type of service, the price is based mainly on total square footage. Since a business has more space than a home, it costs more to have the ductwork system cleaned.

To determine the amount that you can expect to pay, you need to know the price charged per square foot. Most companies that offer duct cleaning in Toronto include fan motor and coil cleaning, but some do not. Therefore, you need to know if this is included in the price or an additional charge.

Regardless whether you need commercial or residential duct cleaning in Toronto, choosing a reputable and trustworthy company is the most important decision that you will make. You want to hire a company that has years of experience and unrivaled expertise specific to duct cleaning.

City Duct Cleaning is a premier service provider for commercial and residential duct cleaning in Toronto. You can visit our website to learn about the various services that we offer or call us directly for a free, no-obligation quote.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Toronto

Is Commercial Duct Cleaning in Toronto Worth It?

Just like residential air duct cleaning, commercial duct cleaning in Toronto is absolutely worth it. When you look at all of the problems that dirty air ducts cause, it becomes clear that duct cleaning costs are a small price to pay.

Regardless of your company’s industry or size, air ducts become dirty. However, for some businesses, this problem is magnified. For example, for companies that deal with chemicals and animals, as well as those in more rural areas where dust is a common issue, it is imperative to hire a reputable company for commercial duct cleaning in Toronto. Duct cleaning for buildings near a depot is also recommended due to an increased level of chemicals and fumes.

If duct cleaning in your Toronto business is not performed, the level of contaminants builds up over time. As air pushes through the duct system into different areas of the business, people are forced to breathe in unclean air. This puts you and your workers at risk of developing or suffering from allergies, respiratory problems, and the infamous “sick building syndrome” that leads to headaches, nausea, fatigue, and a host of other health-related issues.

You may be surprised at just how cost-effective it is to have your entire company’s duct system cleaned. Duct clean cost depends on several factors. For instance, the amount that people pay varies from one company to another. Cost also depends on the size of the air duct system and the exact services being chosen. This is why choosing the right company is so important.

When choosing City Duct Cleaning, it will cost you, on average, a $259 base price. This price covers 10 air vents, which can be supply or return. For each additional air vent, this company charges $8 each. Included in the cost of commercial duct cleaning in Toronto from this company is the number of hookups needed to get the job done correctly, as well as cleaning of all furnace air handling parts such as the fan, air conditioning coil air filter, and compressor. This means for a 1,500 square-foot business, you can still expect to pay $289.

The fact is that you cannot afford to take a chance. For superior commercial duct cleaning in Toronto, we would love the opportunity to help. We take immense pride in the quality of services that we provide and the level of support we offer to each customer. Please contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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Pigeon Air Patrol to the rescue! Birds with backpacks track air pollution

It could seem like a bird-brained idea: relying on a team of pigeons to carry out scientific studies on air quality and air pollution.

But chances are, you’ve never seen a squad of pigeons wear backpacks quite like this.

Meet London’s Pigeon Air Patrol, a flock of “superbirds” measuring nitrogen dioxide in a city with some of the highest levels of air pollution in the world.

Almost 9,500 people in the English capital die prematurely each year due to long-term exposure to polluted air, according to a report last year by King’s College London.

Globally, the number of air pollution-related deaths is closer to 7 million, a 2014 World Health Organization report said.

Most people are not aware of the fact that we’ve been seeing the direct results of air pollution right here in the Toronto area for many years. A large part of the services that City Duct Cleaning offers is cleaning and deodorizing rooftop HVAC units in commercial buildings, apartment buildings and condos throughout the GTA.

We’ve been noticing the increased amount of black soot on air filters, HVAC components, air ducts and all the way through the ducted HVAC systems that we often work on. Cleaning up this mess is a part of the commercial duct cleaning service that we provide.

We’ve been noticing this like crazy over the past 10 or more years. And its been getting worse!

These systems supply the air that we breathe. They often suck air directly from the outside and that air is filtered and partially conditioned before it is blown into a building’s duct system.

The problem with the filtration part of the process is that those air filters are often infrequently changed or are missing completely, and the quality of the air filters are often poor. It costs alot of money to filter the air properly and in most buildings they just don’t have the budget.

Worst-affected areas are along any major road now. We used to see the worst areas only along Yonge Street or very heavily- travelled roads like close to the 401. But the results of air pollution have become more evident all throughout the city. And this is what we have to breathe!

We can count ourselves lucky that there are so many dedicated people who are now studying air pollution and trying to help come up with positive solutions to this massive problem that will otherwise only get worse as time goes on.

Now a team of 10 trained pigeons is taking to the skies strapped with 25-gram sensors to measure the harmful emissions not always visible to the naked eye — and, rather aptly, are tweeting the results.

Londoners can ask their feathered friends to track nitrogen dioxide levels in their area by tweeting @PigeonAir. The clever creatures, with a little help from researchers at Plume Labs, will then tweet back their readings, ranging from “moderate” to “extreme.”

One of the pigeons — which have names such as Norber, Coco and Julius — will also be strapped with a GPS tracking device. A vet will be on hand to monitor the birds’ well-being over three days of flights.

The winged patrol was originally dreamed up by Pierre Duquesnoy and Matt Daniels of marketing agency DigitasLBi as part of Twitter’s #PoweredByTweets competition last year, winning the “Solve a Problem” category.

The patrol aims to boost a much larger campaign by Plume Labs to recruit 100 Londoners to carry out their own pollution monitoring — though this one will be on the ground.

The company has developed a portable sensor that participants will use to track emissions, building a live map of air quality across London.

To get the campaign literally off the ground,Plume Labs still needs to raise 10,000 ($14,000), and has so far raised half its target.

“Millions of people die every year around the world from air pollution — it’s basically a pandemic, but we have a hard time realizing this because it’s largely invisible,” Romain Lacombe, CEO of Plume Labs, told CNN.

“So the Pigeon Patrol has been about making the invisible, visible. And there’s a nice parallel there — we don’t always think about the fact we breathe about 20 (kilograms)of air every day.

“Much in the same way that pigeons themselves are all around us, and we rarely notice them.”

Though with their fancy new backpacks on, these pigeons will be hard to ignore — just keep them off the catwalk.

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