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Reduce hydro costs with professional air duct cleaning.

Reduce Hydro Costs With A Cleaner HVAC System

Hydro costs have been increasing steadily for more than two years. Energy bills are becoming more and more unbearable. The people of Toronto, and Canada in general, have been seeking alternative, inventive solutions to reduce hydro costs. Even though Toronto’s hydro company has repeatedly urged people to reduce energy consumption, this does not seem to help in the long term. That’s because charges and fees are increasing rapidly. Everyone would like to see smaller energy bills by the end of the month, with lower delivery charges and adjustment fees. Both homeowners and businesses have expressed frustration with the unpredictable increase...Read More

Using Residential Duct Cleaning in Toronto to Eliminate the Effects of Smoking on Your Air Ducts

In addition to being dangerous to your health, secondhand smoke is proven to cause problems for people living in your home. However, as indicated by a top service for residential duct cleaning in Toronto, smoking can also impact your neighbors. If you live in an apartment or duplex with a linked HVAC system, your neighbors are impacted by your smoking. Although air duct cleaning in Toronto helps eliminate thick and foul-smelling smoke, dust containing cancer-causing compounds collects in the ductwork. As a result, when the heating or air conditioning fan blows, dust is reintroduced into your home as well as...Read More
City Duct Cleaning Toronto wins Consumers Choice Award

City Duct Cleaning Wins 8th Consumers Choice Award

Toronto Condo & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Specialists Win Consumers Choice Award. City Duct Cleaning, a popular air duct cleaning services provider, won their 8th prestigious Consumers Choice Award. They provide a range of trusted and cost-effective services for residential and commercial clients in the Toronto area. More information is available at City Duct Cleaning is a renowned and highly awarded business providing a variety of professional and cost-effective air duct cleaning services for residential properties, including condos, apartments or homes of all sizes, and commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools or factories of all types, and more, in the Toronto area,...Read More
Why Air Quality Matters

Why Air Quality Matters

Although concerns over air quality have been debated for years, the topic has heated up and for good reason. Although a tremendous amount of work needs to be done to improve outdoor air quality, you can use air duct cleaning services in Toronto to achieve a clean indoor environment. To better understand why a duct cleaning service in Toronto is so important, consider current statistics about air pollution. Important Statistics According to the World Health Organization (WHO), which directs and coordinates international health within the UN system, pollution in the largest cities has become a very serious risk. The WHO...Read More
Air duct cleaning to reduce allergies toronto

Air Duct Cleaning to Reduce Allergies – Real or Scam?

For many years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with other organizations, has claimed that cleaning air ducts is unnecessary in most cases. However, other experts strongly disagree. Duct Cleaning in Toronto to Eliminate Mold It is important to understand that air duct cleaning was still in its infancy when the EPA released its information. Today, a large number of professionals feel that unless the interior of ducts is cleaned, people are breathing in mold and other dangerous substances. Even so, the need for duct cleaning in Toronto remains extremely controversial. One thing that most everyone agrees on is that in...Read More