Candles Are Pretty But Also Deadly

Did you know that it only takes seconds for a flickering flame to engulf your home? In past years, the popularity of candles has increased greatly and so has the number of house fires.

Candles People leaving a candle burning on a table do not realize the potential damage awaiting them. Fires will spread quickly and the heat, smoke, gases, soot and toxic fumes could be deadly.Your home’s furnace ventilation system, when running, acts like a vacuum and can draw in all the smoke from a candle and spread it throughout your home in a matter of minutes creating a sooty mess you can’t imagine.

So in the future, please remember that even though candles are romantic and pretty…they can also be deadly.

How does this relate to an air duct cleaning blog? We’ve been doing fire restoration for over two decades now, and have been to literally hundreds of house fires that have been caused by burning candles… or at least by candles that people thought were extinguished but weren’t. What we do, the air duct cleaning and deodorizing of the HVAC system, is a small part of the complete fire restoration service.

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