19mmx dirty washroom exhaust
Cleaning Your Dirty Washroom Exhaust Grills
Have you noticed how dirty your washroom exhaust grills get from time to time? Cleaning those grills and the exhaust fans is something that most homeowners can do themselves. In newer installations, the exhaust grill is easily removed by squeezing together two spring clips. Just pull the grill down a bit, and it will hang there by itself. Gently squeeze the clips together at the top and you should easily be able to remove the grill. The grill can be vacuumed if necessary, and then washed in the bathroom sink or in the tub. Wipe it dry with a paper...Read More
18mmx debris from one vent
The Strangest Things We’ve Found In Ductwork
We've been cleaning ductwork for a long time, and over the years we've found some pretty strange stuff. Here is a partial list of some of the things that we've found so far. A dead fox, a raincoat, a running shoe, a cash box, diamond rings, besides the usual stuff such as hair, cereal, coins, dead mice, pencils and lots of dust. All kinds of old hockey and baseball cards. Pop cans, coffee cups and beer bottles are usual items. We've found pieces of drywall, lunch bags, and we even found an open can of sardines that was still half...Read More
when is the right time for a duct cleaning
When is the right time for a duct cleaning?
Is it the now? Next year? It all depends on your situation.  Some companies will tell you that it should be done yearly, but that is only true in extreme cases. If you had your ducts cleaned properly, then you should normally wait about 3 to 4 years before your next cleaning. If you are moving into a newly constructed or newly renovated home, duct cleaning should be on your list. Drywall dust, fibreglass pieces, sawdust and other construction debris can easily restrict air flow. Households with hairy pets or young children may find it necessary to inspect their return...Read More
Why so cold
Why So Cold In Here?
What are some common factors for it being cold in the house? It could be lots of things, such as poor insulation, old windows, bad air flow… As Mrs. Angela Sheridan of Toronto, Ontario writes: ‘My husband and I were having a problem in our daughter’s room with it being very cold at night. We would turn up the furnace to no avail as it was still very cold. On the other hand, the rest of the house was quite comfortable. We called a local heating/cooling company to come service the furnace and we were told that the furnace was...Read More
Clothes dryer fire
Clothes Dryer Maintenance and Fire Prevention Tips
We recommend that the dryer exhaust duct be cleaned at least every two years in most homes. The frequency of this cleaning largely depends on the amount of use that your dryer actually gets. If, for example, you do several loads of laundry every day, then you will need to have your dryer duct cleaned more frequently. It is more cost-effective to have this type of cleaning done in conjunction with your regular whole-house duct cleaning. We do, however, also provide this type of service on an as-needed basis. Always vent the clothes dryer to the outside with a smooth-walled...Read More