Good Service Is Good Business
Good Service Is Good Business
Here's an interesting and very true quote that we'd like to share. "Good Service Is Good Business" - Siebel Ad. This one hits close to home for us because its something that we've always been aware of. We have not only been aware of this fact but we've lived it and have practiced it always since we first opened the doors at City Duct Cleaning back in 1987. Providing excellent service is something that we strive to do for all our customers. We know that the customer experience begins with their first phone call. We have knowledgeable office staff who...Read More
Rainy Day Household Tips
10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day
Stuck in the house on a rainy day and have nothing to do? Why not take this opportunity to work on some of those simple household maintenance items that you rarely seem to have time for? We really know how to have fun! These are all energy-saving items and need doing anyway. Vacuum out your floor registers. And if you really want to go to town then check the dampers inside and maybe even wash some of those vents too. Take your return vents off the wall and vacuum them out too. Wash the vents if they need it. Change...Read More
Disinfection during Ebola outbreak
Ebola Virus and HVAC Systems
With news of a recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa, and fears that it has already spread to some areas of the United States, it would be prudent to warn anyone who may be concerned about their indoor air quality that there is currently no product that the HVAC industry offers that will reduce the spread of Ebola. There are many excellent air filtration systems available, such as HEPA filtration units and Ultra Violet (UV) systems that kill mold, bacteria and odors, but they just have not yet made such a system that could kill off any disease...Read More
108mmx beware of carbon monoxide
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Now Mandatory In Ontario
Carbon Monoxide detectors are now mandatory in all homes in Ontario. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas that is odorless, tasteless and invisible. CO is produced when fossil fuels burn incompletely due to insufficient oxygen. Fuels that can cause CO include natural gas, propane, kerosene, gasoline, coal, wood and charcoal. Unlike smoke, Carbon Monoxide mixes evenly with the air. It is not necessary to have a CO detector installed on every floor of your home, but should be located where it would be most likely to wake you up if a dangerous situation were to suddenly occur. A typical home...Read More
Underground City Duct Cleaning
Proper Duct Cleaning Involves More Than Just Cleaning the Ducts
Proper Duct Cleaning Involves More Than Just Cleaning The Ducts We hear many questions about furnace duct cleaning. Our children have allergies and get colds. How can we determine if the ducts need to be cleaned? How can I compare the various duct cleaning companies? Some families can benefit alot by having the furnace ducts cleaned and other families will notice no significant difference. Only your physician can tell you what is causing your children's problems. If poor indoor air quality, molds, etc. are suspected, then duct cleaning may help. Duct cleaning can also improve the efficiency of your furnace...Read More
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