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How Often Should HVAC Systems Be Serviced?
Having the air ducts in your HVAC system cleaned will improve the air quality in your home greatly. Allergens and dust build up in the ducts, and if you do not clean these out, they will continue to circulate in your home. These can cause respiratory problems for you and your family, even if you do not have allergies. Several factors determine how often your system will need to have duct cleaning. When to Choose Air Duct Cleaning You should have your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. However, this is the minimum amount of time to have...Read More
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Improve Safety with Dryer Duct Cleaning
There's much more involved to ensure the safety of your household and property when you consider cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap. The fact is that you need to use professional services for dryer duct cleaning in Toronto.Read More
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Improve Your Health With a Regular Cleaning Habit
Did you know the cleanliness of your home plays an important part in keeping you healthy? It does. Especially in a home with poor air quality, it’s not uncommon to develop colds and allergies. Along with those, dirty air can worsen symptoms of respiratory illnesses, like asthma, COPD, and even lung cancer. The best thing you can do is hire a company that provides professional duct cleaning services. You turn on the furnace during the winter to make your house warm and the air conditioning system in the summer to keep it cool. However, the air that passes through the...Read More
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The Health Risks of Unclean Ducts
A lot of people rely on home duct cleaning services because they don’t like dirty furniture. Then others opt for residential duct cleaning as a way of improving the performance and extending the life of their HVAC system. While both of those are excellent reasons to use a residential duct cleaning service in Toronto, there’s another. Dirty ducts actually create health risks. In fact, there’s a list of the many possibilities. Fortunately, having your ducts cleaned is a great way to reduce health-related dangers dramatically. Instead of everyone breathing in air that’s filled with pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants,...Read More
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Clean Your Dryer Vent to Reduce Fire Risk
Follow these 5 ways to help reduce or eliminate the risk of a fire:Read More