Birds Nesting In Your Exhaust Ducts

90 birds nesting in dryer duct

Birds nesting in your exhaust ducts, particularly the issue of bird in dryer vents are a fairly common occurrence in the Toronto area. Every exhaust vent leading to the outside of your home needs to have some kind of bird screening for dryer vent either over it or inside it to protect your systems and your home.

There is a new type of exhaust ventilation duct cover on the market that we have had a lot of success with, especially when dealing with the challenge of how to remove birds from exhaust vent and this is a really good idea.

It is made of heavy duty plastic so it will not rust, and it can be easily opened by any human who can reach it. This will allow for cleaning of those exhaust systems at any time in the future. Additionally, it serves as an effective solution for addressing the issue of bird in air duct.

Being able to open it in this way is good because most exterior exhaust grills are caulked in place, or screwed to a brick wall with plugs. That’s ok when they are there, but once you remove it, as we normally have to do to clean out the pipe, it is just that much harder to re-install. But these new screens make it so easy!

bird_screen_closed bird_screen_opened

Birds nesting in your exhaust systems can cause huge problems for your home ducts. Sometimes you can hear them chirping while you are inside the home, and you know at that point you will be having some kind of problem. Bird nests really stink, too. They piss and shit inside your pipes and you just do not want to have this in your house. Bird nest in kitchen exhaust and bathroom fan vent can exacerbate these issues.

The nests can also block your venting systems, and this is not a good thing either. Check all the exhaust openings on your home. For your own good and that of your family, you need to make sure these are all protected with some kind of screen to keep birds out of vent.

These cages we’re talking about are easily visible but they look good. Some vents have screening inside them, and the screen cannot easily be seen from the outside. Be careful when installing screening inside your own air vents. Do not use a window screen, especially on a dryer exhaust vent. A window screen is too fine. You should be using 1/4″ chicken wire. This is way less likely to get clogged with lint.

If you have birds in your exhaust vents already, you could try to remove them yourself, but this is not always easy to do without the special equipment that we use to remove birds nest from vents.

We have been to a customer’s home recently who had a previous duct cleaner in to remove a bird’s nest. He took one out and they thought that was good, but the homeowner later discovered that she still had a problem.

She called us this time, and when we arrived we found two additional nests in that same pipe. We had to remove the custom screen he had sold her. It was a total custom job and he really didn’t do a bad job installing the screen… only he didn’t clean out the pipe properly. And he obviously did not check the air flow through the pipe once he thought he was done cleaning it. That’s what happens when your air duct cleaner shows up in his Honda Civic with only a shop vac. He borrowed a coat hanger from the homeowner and borrowed a ladder from the neighbor.

This happens many, many times. In some cases we are the 3rd or 4th company that some home owners call in to their dryer ducts cleaning. One lady spent well over $1000 on other duct cleaners before she finally got us there, and of course, we cleaned her dryer duct system perfectly!

It is strange that none of the other guys even brought a ladder even though she did mention on the phone that her exhaust vent is on the 2nd floor. Hmmm… and nobody else used an air snake, either.

We have said it many times, and this still applies… we are the problem solvers when it comes who to call to get rid of birds in dryer vent. You will not save money by calling the cheapest company you can find.

Our pricing is reasonable but is not guaranteed to be the cheapest out there. We will do the job right or we will come back and do it again for free. If you need this problem solved, contact us first!

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