Why Air Quality Matters

Why Air Quality Matters

Although concerns over air quality have been debated for years, the topic has heated up and for good reason. Although a tremendous amount of work needs to be done to improve outdoor air quality, you can use air duct cleaning services in Toronto to achieve a clean indoor environment. To better understand why a duct cleaning service in Toronto is so important, consider current statistics about air pollution.

Important Statistics

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), which directs and coordinates international health within the UN system, pollution in the largest cities has become a very serious risk. The WHO claims that poor air quality is killing literally millions of people and that if something drastic is not done, health services around the globe will become overwhelmed.

  • In Toronto, Canada, specific hotspots close to major intersections and highways have a volume of ultrafine particulates that is four times higher because of traffic emissions. In downwind conditions, the volume becomes more prevalent.
  • One particular study indicated that by 2050, more than 6.5 million people from around the world will die every year. Compared to current numbers, that is a 50 percent increase. Asia is the hardest hit, although even Britain is affected with approximately 29,000 annual deaths.
  • As explained by the World Air Quality Index, a reading of 300 or more is deemed hazardous and likely to cause serious health problems. Palangkaraya, Indonesia, has a rating of 712.
  • Air pollutants directly impact a person’s growth and lung capacity. In addition, these pollutants are connected to heart disease and lung cancer.
  • Outdoor air pollutants, including ozone and fine particulates (less than 2.5 micrometers), cause major diseases with long-lasting impacts on health.
  • In Europe, agriculture is the main contributor of toxic fine particles. In North America, poor air quality is linked to power generation and traffic emissions.

Poor air quality has become a public health emergency around the world. Air pollution is comprised of different chemicals that cross all social and economic barriers. To maintain healthy indoor living, you can take precautions, such as hiring a Toronto duct cleaning service.

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