Air Duct Cleaning Is Energy Efficient

Duct cleaning is energy efficient

Most people clean their air ducts to improve the quality of air in their home. Not a bad idea at all if you ask me as an air duct cleaning business owner and overall lover of clean air. What many people do not know is that you can improve your energy efficiency as part of the process. All you need to do is choose the right company and they should assist you in this process. Here are a few ways the right duct cleaning company can help.

When your technician is making his way around your home during the duct cleaning process he can spot all sorts of things that will help you and your energy usage. The first is what is called a boot connection seal. This is where your ductwork meets the floor register. Around each of those connections is typically a small gap. Sometimes the gap is as small as an eighth of an inch. Keep in mind that even if it is that small and it is at every register you will eventually end up with something equivalent to a several inch gap in your system. Not only does that reduce the energy efficiency of your system but it also pulls in large amounts of dust outside the living space of your home. The best thing your cleaning company can do is seal these gaps with a caulk or expanding foam product. Duct tape works well, too. You will love the difference.

The other energy savings comes at the spot of your filter. This time we’re not talking about gaps but the quality of your filter. If you have a lesser quality filter that tends to clog sooner rather than later it might be a good idea to make a change. The reason for this is not to have just another thing to sell you but it just makes sense. For starters when your system’s filtration is clogged, your system must work harder and longer to get the air to where it needs to go. This will shorten the life of your furnace as well as increase your energy bill. You can still use the cheap filters if you like but just make sure they are changed on a regular basis. No one likes a clogged filter, especially your furnace.

Your air duct cleaning company should be able to help you with both of these potential energy hogs. If they are not able to help then you probably chose the wrong company. If that is the case you can make these suggestions to your service provider or even handle the work yourself.

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