Air Duct Cleaning: How Often Should You Clean?

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When it comes to air duct cleaning, many people get confused as to how often they should hire a professional. Typically, the top air duct cleaning companies recommend that you have the ducts cleaned every one to five years. However, more frequent cleaning may be necessary. For example, if you notice accumulated dirt, dust, and debris around the home; see rodent or insect droppings; or if people with allergies or upper respiratory problems experience worsened symptoms, then you need to have the duct system cleaned immediately.

Types of Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

To clean air ducts properly, experts use advanced equipment and tools. When finished with the job, you will have perfectly cleaned ducts. Not only will you have a healthier home, your HVAC system will not have to operate as long or hard. Ultimately, that will prevent you from needing a repair or replacement prematurely. As a bonus, you will also enjoy lower utility heating and cooling bills.

  • Inspection – The best air duct cleaning companies use inspection type tools that allow a technician to determine the amount of buildup as well as the type. Based on that, the expert will take the appropriate steps and don the right protective gear.
  • Access – After completing the inspection, the technician will use various access tools. That way, he or she can gain access to different points in the duct system.
  • Hand-Cleaning – The technician will also use tools for hand cleaning. For this, the experts use brushes and scrubbers to help loosen any stuck-on debris, making the duct work easier to clean.
  • Vacuum Collection – To create a negative pressure within the duct system, the tech will also rely on vacuum collection equipment. Depending on the company that you hire, sometimes this device is truck mounted, while other times, technicians use something portable. Either way, the vacuum helps eliminate debris while cleaning.
  • Wet and HEPA Vacuums – In many instances, professionals use hand vacuums that have a HEPA filter, used to remove any accumulated water inside of the duct work.

The professionals at City Duct Cleaning have the experience and expertise required to ensure your ducts get cleaned properly and thoroughly. You can visit our website or contact us by phone for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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