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Air Duct Cleaning Cost In Toronto

There is a fairly wide range of pricing that you can find while shopping for air duct cleaning in the Toronto area.

For an average, 1500 square foot home, our prices would be somewhere in the middle of the range in pricing. We charge a fair price for our quality workmanship and our pricing is very reasonable.

We charge a base price of $290.00 which includes the first ten air vents, whether they supply or return air vents, and then each additional air vent after that is $9.00 each.

The price includes as many “hookups” as is required to do the job, and also includes the cleaning of all the air handling parts of your furnace. These include the furnace fan, the air conditioning coil, all the compartments, and the air filter. This provides a complete job, and there are no extra or hidden fees.

So for that average, 1,500 square foot home our price would be about $289.00 based on 15 air vents. Be sure to check our duct cleaning coupon or watch for other duct cleaning specials.

Pricing in Toronto ranges from a $89.00 “whole house special”, which may cause more harm to your home than it will be good.  We’ve seen pricing for residential duct cleaning Toronto at  $69.00 per hookup plus $6.00 per vent (which can end up costing you a lot) to well over $500 for that same job.

The whole house special “deals” rarely if ever include quality workmanship or even the use of proper duct cleaning equipment, and will ALWAYS have additional charges. If you add up all the extra charges then you’re already well above our honest price.

The ones with the $69.00 or less per “hookup fee” are also a scam because that hookup fee applies as many times as they can make it. Every time they cut a hole into your duct system to attach the vacuum hose is one more time they charge you a hookup fee. Every home has at least one main supply and one main cold air duct, so there are two hookup fees already. Some homes require five or six hookups just because of the configuration of their duct system, so if you do the math, those cheap hookup fees add up pretty quick!

But it all sounds cheaper on the phone, and since most people shop by price only without asking for enough of the details, most of our competition prey on people’s ignorance about the industry. Their pricing methods are often deceptive on purpose.

At City Duct Cleaning we have been serving the Toronto area since 1985 (we incorporated in 1987) and we are a very reputable, award-winning company in our industry. We treat all our customers with honesty and respect and we always tell it like it is. There should be more companies out there who share our old-fashioned values in today’s world, but unfortunately, there are not. That’s part of the reason why we have such a high rate of repeat customers.

Did You Know?

61% of our home duct cleaning customers also have us clean their dryer ducts?
There is a new home safety device called Lint Alert. It will monitor the condition of the dryer vent system in your home and will warn you of any possible problems. Watch the video or inquire over the phone.

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