Air Duct Cleaning After Renovations

air duct cleaning

Renovating a home or office is exciting. In addition to making your property more visually appealing and better functioning, this is an excellent way to add value. Unfortunately, once the expert finishes the job, he or she might leave something behind: dust throughout the air duct system. If you plan to make upgrades to your property, make sure that you hire a qualified company for air duct cleaning in Toronto and dryer duct cleaning afterward.

During the renovation, the professional will perform various tasks, including sanding wood and drywall, taking down ceilings, ripping out old flooring, and so on. With each of those steps, small particles of dust and debris make their way inside the vents of your ductwork. Even a tiny number of particles is enough to create a problem.

Potential Health Risks

After all, depending on the age of your home or business and the construction materials used initially, toxic dust and debris are a potential risk. For example, if you are demolishing walls covered with lead paint or popcorn ceilings that contain asbestos, small particles can accumulate in the ducts. When you’re using the air conditioning or heating system, those toxins can become airborne and inhaled.

Without professional air duct cleaning, this puts people at risk. In particular, individuals with allergies, asthma, COPD, and other respiratory health issues, as well as children and the elderly, will struggle the most. To keep indoor air quality pure, it is imperative that you rely on the best air duct cleaning services in Toronto.

Other Issues

Air duct cleaning after renovation will prevent other problems like the accumulation of dust. With particles inside of the ductwork, every time the air conditioning or heating system kicks on, the forced air will send specks of dust and debris into your home or business. Also, when ducts become dirty and clogged, it reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system. As a result, you could face expensive repairs or have the system fail prematurely, not to mention the increasing cost of monthly utilities.

When you are planning the renovation of your residential or commercial property, you should factor in the need to utilize air duct cleaning services in Toronto. That way, you can schedule an appointment with a reputable company that coordinates with the completion of the upgrades. Ultimately, you and others can live or work in a clean and safe environment thanks to improved air quality.

Improved Air Quality

By hiring the right company, you have the assurance that a professional will show up at your home or business with innovative tools and equipment to get the duct cleaning job done correctly. When they are finished, you can then schedule another cleaning to keep the ductwork in perfect condition moving forward. Although having the ducts cleaned is essential at any time, it is especially important following a renovation project considering the intensity of dust and debris.

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