A Duct Cleaning Is Well Overdue

Q. Our home is 8 years old and we have never had the heating or cooling ducts cleaned. Should we have this done, and how much does it usually cost?

Air duct cleaning is a must for any home with a forced air system, whether it is newly built or not. A tremendous amount of dust and debris ends up in the heating vents even in a newly-built home, and these days cleaning the air duct system is one of the first things that new homeowners have done as soon as they take possession of their new home.


Dirty air ventex

If your home was a resale, or if you have lived in the home for a number of years, the effects of an unclean air duct system are the same.

Mold, dust and other contaminants often build up in the ductwork. Some of the contaminants are delivered into the living area in the air stream and can cause special problems for people with allergies and respiratory disorders. Odors and excessive dust on furniture and other surfaces are additional effects of having dirty air ducts.

The best way to determine if your air duct systems need cleaning is to inspect them yourself. Remove some of the air vents in your home including some of the return air grills and inspect them with a mirror and a flashlight.

If you see a significant amount of debris, often including clumps of mold, the ducts should probably be cleaned. Duct cleaning contractors use a variety of tools and equipment to clean these systems, but the best method by far is a truck-mounted vacuum system and compressed air.

The use of compressed air is crucial to the quailty of the job that can be done. Having compressed air gives the contractor the ability to use various air tools including air snakes and whips that will quite easily loosen the debris so that it can be worked towards a very powerful vacuum hose.

The cost for this service depends on the size of your home and how many furnaces there are in your house. The length of time between your last duct cleaning is not a factor at all.

Some contractors will offer a misleading and very inexpensive (introductory) price but once in your home they will try to tell you that they need more money for the job because its been more than four years since you last had them cleaned.

There are several scam artists in this industry who work in the Toronto area, so be sure to do a bit of homework and find an air duct cleaning contractor who is extremely reputable. And don’t shop just by price. Ask for details about how the job is done, always find out what is and is not included in the price and what extra charges there are. Feel free to ask for references if you like as well.

If you’re looking for an honest and very reputable duct cleaning contractor and you want your ducts guaranteed clean, then call City Duct Cleaning Inc. today.

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