4 Prominent Signs of Dirty Air Ducts

Prominent Signs of Dirty Air Ducts

The air ducts in your home are in regular use. The air ducts move warm or cool air through your home so you can enjoy comfort. This is especially important during the summer and winter when temperatures outside can hit extremes.

Air duct cleaning ensures these ducts always work perfectly. When the air ducts are clean, air can move without restrictions. The warning signs detailed below will let you know that your home’s air ducts need prompt attention.

You Spot Mold

Mold is likely to stir up allergies for people in the house. The presence of mold can produce significant health problems if you come in contact with it. This fungus is a major culprit of respiratory illnesses.

Plus, once mold makes a home in your space, it can spread rapidly. A dirty system of ducts in your place can be the perfect setting for mold growth. Air duct cleaning in Toronto can take care of this concern.

You may spot mold around vent covers on the walls and ceiling. Often, however, mold shows up inside the air ducts, so you may not see it. In any case, it gives off an unmistakable musty odor. So if you smell this unpleasant odor, you know there could be problems in the ducts themselves.

Dust Is Present

Having dust at home isn’t as big of a concern as having mold, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore the issue. A dusty home can still cause problems if you have allergy problems or health conditions such as asthma. If you notice dust on tables, chairs, walls, and other surfaces, dirty air ducts could be the reason. The dirt inside could come out of the vents and settle in the rooms of your home. In these cases, it’s time to call air duct cleaning services to inspect your HVAC system.

Your Energy Bill Runs High

In the summer and winter, your energy bills will be higher. This happens because the HVAC system is working harder and longer to stay on. However, if your costs are unusually high, the ducts could be working overtime to bring air into your home. If there is so much dirt in the ducts that air can’t flow, the furnace or AC will have lots of stress. This leads to overuse and rising utility costs. With air duct cleaning, you can lower your energy bill.

Having Rodents May Mean You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

No one wants mice or rats in their house. If you spot these unwanted guests, there is a good chance they are making homes in the air ducts. If so, the rodents may be leaving droppings in the ductwork. This can lead to contamination of the air you are breathing. It will also affect airflow in the vents.

Clean Your Air Ducts Now

Air duct cleaning is not something you should ignore. Call the pros at City Duct Cleaning today to get the professional help you need.

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