2010 Winter Olympics

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What does City Duct here in Toronto have to do with the 2010 Winter Olympics, you might ask? Well, nothing really, but I was thinking about taking a trip back to Vancouver to check out some of the games.

Vancouver is where I first got involved in the duct cleaning industry, something like 30 years ago. I have family there who are also heavily involved in the trade, so if I try to hit them up for a place to stay for a while they might be tempted to put me to work.

Its interesting for me to check out some duct cleaning jobs every time I go back for a visit, and that always gives me the opportunity to point out how we do things the right way back in Toronto. 🙂

It will be interesting to see what they’ve done to Hwy. 99 which goes from North Vancouver to Whistler since I was last there. They tell me the weather has been quite mild there lately. They’re laughing at us right now because we just got snow again. Oh yeah? It’ll be gone tomorrow. Just wait ’til it rains for four weeks in a row again and then we’ll talk.

The Olympics are all everyone is talking about in that area right now. Its all over the news and seems to be all that everyone wants to talk about for the moment. That’s good. It gives everyone something good to look forward to. The same thing would be happening here if something big like that was taking place in Ontario. It should be a good show because they’ve been planning this event for years.

Anyway, I hope I can make it out there but I also have some big family events happening this month at home too. So if the wife will allow it, I’m out of here!

We wish all the participants and especially the Canadian athletes the best of luck. Bring us the Gold!

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