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City Duct Cleaning Toronto wins Consumers Choice Award

City Duct Cleaning Wins 8th Consumers Choice Award

Toronto Condo & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Specialists Win Consumers Choice Award.

City Duct Cleaning, a popular air duct cleaning services provider, won their 8th prestigious Consumers Choice Award. They provide a range of trusted and cost-effective services for residential and commercial clients in the Toronto area.

More information is available at http://www.cityductcleaning.com/.

City Duct Cleaning is a renowned and highly awarded business providing a variety of professional and cost-effective air duct cleaning services for residential properties, including condos, apartments or homes of all sizes, and commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools or factories of all types, and more, in the Toronto area, since 1987.

The industry leading air duct cleaning company won its 8th Consumers Choice Award, recognizing the business excellence in small and medium sized businesses through statistically accurate independent market research surveys to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction and business excellence.The company’s range of residential and commercial air duct cleaning, insulation removal, dryer duct cleaning and attic insulation removal services are delivered by a qualified team of professionals equipped with a premier truck-mounted vacuum system using high pressure air, including various air snakes and air whips, to guarantee the best possible indoor air quality, cleanest living or work environment and significant energy usage/cost savings.

Free estimates on the popular City Duct Cleaning services can be requested at 416 293-1800 or online through the website, also featuring information on the range of prestigious awards won by the company for industry-leading air duct cleaning and premier customer care along details on its full service area and multiple customer reviews.

City Duct Cleaning Toronto explains that “it is truly an honor to be recognized in our field by the communities in which we serve. Especially since we are so gifted in what we do. There are several duct cleaning companies in the Toronto area who claim to be the best but we actually have the awards to prove it!”

The business adds that “since our inception, the commitment has been to provide the highest quality, dependable and cost-effective services available while placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of our priorities. A large part of our growth can be attributed to referrals and repeat business from customers with whom long-term relationships have been formed. When we surveyed our past customers, we received an approval rating of over 98%. We at City Duct Cleaning Inc. are your comfort professionals”.

Cleaning a commercial HVAC air vent

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

There is a lot of talk out there about the benefits of HVAC air duct cleaning. There’s also a fair amount of misinformation and confusion, but the fact is, cleaning your air ducts is an important part of maintaining a clean, effective HVAC system. That said, you should definitely make sure you know the facts about why air duct cleaning is so important, and then choose a reputable company – such as City Duct Cleaning – for your duct cleaning needs.


The biggest reason that you’re going to want to get your air ducts cleaned is for the overall indoor air quality of your home. Think of your heating and cooling system as the lungs of your house. Your HVAC system will bring air in, and then expel it back warmed up or cooled down, depending on the time of year. In an average home, over 40 pounds of dust can be accumulated. Combine that along with dander and household chemicals recirculating through your home’s lungs, and you’re going to want to get your home’s breathing system cleaned out from time to time.

Even if your home’s ducts have been cleaned recently, you might want to consider having them cleaned again, particularly if you or someone you live with has allergies, asthma or some other type of respiratory problem. Contaminants being recirculated through a home’s HVAC system can be more harmful in these cases.


There are several specific cases where you’re going to want to ensure you’re keeping your home’s air ducts clean. If your home is newly constructed, for example, or has just undergone renovations, there’s going to be a lot of dirt, dust, and debris from the construction work in the ducts that you’re going to want to get taken care of, no matter how much care the contractors took to keep the jobsite clean.

If you’ve had a flood or a plumbing leak, cleaning your ducts is going to be extra important to ensure that mould doesn’t start to form. If it’s already started, you’ll know… it will smell awful and it will be terrible for you to breathe in. Mould is one of the worst things that you can have in your duct system.


It’s been estimated that between 25 and 40 percent of the energy used to heat or cool a home is wasted during the process. When there are contaminants in your air ducts, or anywhere in your HVAC system, the system will be bogged down and it will have to work harder, costing you even more energy and more money. If your ducts are clean, it can help your system operate more efficiently.


Like in any other industry, there can be some scam artists out there when it comes to duct cleaning – and sometimes they attract attention for the worst reason. They’ll promise great prices, fast service, and try to scare you with all the dangers of avoiding duct cleaning, but a lot of times they won’t even have the right tools for the job, and they certainly won’t get it done right.

What you want is a company that you can trust. References are everything. A company like City Duct Cleaning, for example, has won the Consumer Choice award eight times for Toronto and the GTA.

The experts at City Duct Cleaning have years of experience and expertise. They’ve got the best equipment in the industry, and they charge fair prices for excellent service. City Duct Cleaning prides themselves on integrity, trust, and earning repeat business, and are the farthest things from scam artists that you’ll find in this industry.

Contact City Duct today and make an appointment – your home’s lungs will thank you.

Consumers Choice Best Duct Cleaner TV Show

2010 Consumers Choice Award For Best Duct Cleaner The annual Consumers Choice Awards for 2010 for The Greater Toronto Area will air on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 at 5:00 pm on CHCH TV.The show features the presentation of this highly prestigious award to businesses who have excelled above their competition and who have provided business excellence in their prospective fields. If you want to know who are the best companies in just about any field imaginable, watch the show and find out for yourself. All of these proud winners serve the Toronto area.

City Duct Cleaning will be there receiving our 6th consecutive award for best Air Duct Cleaner in the GTA for 2010.

There are categories for best restaurants, best car dealerships, there is some entertainment as well, and awards were presented to best man and best woman of the year in the Greater Toronto Area as well.

Don’t forget to watch us on the 26th at 5:00. 🙂

Duct Cleaning Procedure


The duct cleaning procedure in a Toronto area home starts with a visual inspection of your heating and air duct system. Hoses are then run from the truck and into your home. A vacuum hose is usually brought in through a basement window, or sometimes it is set up through your front door and down the basement stairs.

An air hose is run from the truck to the top floor, usually to the furthest air vent from the truck.

Access holes are created in the duct system, and the vacuum hose is inserted directly into the duct system.

Once the truck-mounted vacuum is turned on, all vents are covered to create the strongest possible suction. After sufficient pressure builds up in our air tank, all vents are cleaned using 250 psi of compressed air.

When the air vents have been cleaned, we use a combination of air whips and an air snake inside the main ducts to work all the dirt back towards our vacuum. All of the air handling parts of your system are thoroughly cleaned, and all access openings are covered and sealed.

At City Duct Cleaning, we always include the cleaning of your furnace fan, air conditioning coil and the air filter as part of the job. Most other companies do charge extra to clean these items, and that leaves open the possibility that some homeowners will have their duct systems “cleaned” but will choose not to spend the additional money to clean those crucial items of the system.

It is very important to clean the fan and coil during the duct cleaning procedure, so why do so many companies make those items optional and at an additional charge? You guessed it… half the time they’re too busy trying to suck money out of you instead of making sure they do a real job. What happened to the days when people used to take pride in their work? At City Duct Cleaning, we take great pride in the fact that we do an honest and thorough job for every customer. Our work is guaranteed, too.

The picture above shows our duct truck parked a bit away from the house. That’s because when our vacuum is running, we are sucking so much air out of the entire home, and the doors and windows are open too. We park away from the door and run extra hose in order to prevent exhaust from our powerful engine from entering the home. Even a little is too much.

Many people agree that its those little things that matter. We also train our technicians to be as conscientious as possible while on a job site because all the seemingly small precautions we take as well as our expertise combine to make very happy customers. That’s certainly a part of the reason why we continue to win so many awards for duct cleaning excellence in Toronto.

Residential Duct Cleaning Procedure

Step 1

Air duct cleaning procedure
The technician arrives at the scheduled time, greets the homeowner and then does a preliminary inspection of the furnace and air duct system. He then determines the best possible route to run a large vacuum hose from our truck-mounted vacuum equipment to the furnace, usually in through a basement window.

Step 2

Air duct cleaning procedure
Access openings are prepared, then the technician attaches a vacuum hose directly into the main duct system. The system is sealed off between hot air and cold air, and all air vents are then covered to maximize the effectiveness of our powerful vacuum.

Step 3

Air duct cleaning procedure
While the duct system is under suction, all air vents are then cleaned using 250 psi of compressed air. Notice that the technician is wearing protective equipment… hearing protection, safety glasses and a dust mask. The use of these items are standard procedure at City Duct Cleaning.

Step 4

Air duct cleaning procedure
All heating vents are cleaned in the same manner. Our vacuum hose is then switched over to the return air duct, and all return air vents and grilles are cleaned. We always start from the furthest air vent, usually on the top floor, then work our way back to the basement.

Step 5

Air duct cleaning procedure
After all the air vents have been cleaned, we start at the end of the duct system and use a combination of air whips, our reverse air nozzle, also referred to as an air snake or skipper, and our own specially-designed air gun. All debris that was in any of the air vents or connecting pipes are now being cleaned out of the main ducts.

Step 6

Air duct cleaning procedure
Our air whips, or Scorpion rods, are inserted into the ductwork via small 1″ openings that we have created in strategic locations throughout the duct system. This device beats around the inside of the duct system loosening caked-on dirt from all surfaces inside the duct. Our air snake is then used, and in turn it blows all the remaining dirt and even heavy objects back towards the vacuum hose.

Step 7

Air duct cleaning procedure
All components of the air handing system are cleaned including the furnace fan, air conditioning coil and the furnace filter, as well as plenums and compartments. All access openings are then sealed and the furnace is run through a test cycle.

Step 8

Air duct cleaning procedure
Hoses are returned to our truck and any windows or entry points into the home are secured. Here, we put the finishing touches on the job by wiping down the furnace including the insides of the doors, re-installing any filters and completing our inspection of the operation of the system. The work area is thoroughly cleaned and our technician signs his job by applying our company sticker with his name on it. The sticker itself also includes other useful information about our company.

2010 Best Duct Cleaner Award Toronto

Here’s a shot of our most recent duct cleaning award. This is the Consumers’ Choice Award for Best Toronto Duct Cleaner for 2010.



This is our sixth consecutive Consumers’ Choice Award.

Thank you Toronto for voting us as the GTA’s best duct cleaner for 2010.

Why should air ducts be cleaned?

Studies have shown that indoor air can be from two to five times more polluted than outside air. Most disposable filters remove about 10 percent of these pollutants, allowing 90 percent to enter the air system, and this happens even during the construction of a new home.

The pollutants contain dust, pollen, mold spores, animal dander and much more. These materials collect in the furnace, air conditioner and duct surfaces, just as they do visibly on the furniture and floor surfaces. The furniture and floor in your home are cleaned regularly but the duct surfaces are hidden from view and can only be reached by specialized duct cleaning equipment.These pollutants can migrate out into the room again, or become a food source for mold and bacteria, which can thrive in that dark, comfortable environment from high humidity or moisture from the air conditioner or humidifiers.

Biological growth can release mold spores or toxins into the air system.

Aside from health issues, there are also several additional compelling reasons why it makes very good sense to clean your air duct systems, but since the health of you and your family are your very top priority, we will only address some of those health concerns in this post.

The solution is to choose the most qualified duct cleaning company that you can, and of course, it must be someone who you can trust to do the best job possible every time.

At City Duct Cleaning Inc. we have won multiple awards for duct cleaning excellence, and as always, all our professional air duct cleaning is completely guaranteed. Call City Duct Cleaning Inc. today for the best possible service.

We clean air duct systems in homes, condos and offices, and also clean dryer exhaust and washroom exhaust systems as well.

City Duct Cleaning Wins Consumers Choice Award For Sixth Consecutive Year

Thank you Toronto for choosing City Duct Cleaning as Best Duct Cleaner in the GTA for 2010. This is the sixth consecutive year that we have won this award.

We are proud to have won this prestigious award once again, and we will continue to provide all our valued customers with honesty and integrity and the best quality services.

The Toronto Consumers’s Choice Awards will air on a major television station sometime around the end of August or the beginning of September. We will post the date, time and TV channel as soon as we get the exact info.

Thank you again for selecting us as your Best Air Duct Cleaner. Toronto Rocks!!

Duct Cleaning Editorial 2005

Duct Cleaning Editorial Toronto

This is an editorial about City Duct Cleaning Inc. that appeared in the Toronto Sun shortly after we won the Consumers’ Choice Award for Best Duct Cleaner in the Toronto area in 2005.

We have won this prestigious award for five consecutive years now, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for 2010. We’ve been working hard to keep earning your trust, and we look forward to our continued success in providing top quality services in the Toronto area.

City Duct Cleaning Inc. began servicing the Greater Toronto Area in 1987, and offers service and installation departments managed and operated by qualified professionals. As one of the original duct cleaning companies in the GTA, City Duct Cleaning’s commitment is to provide the highest quality, dependable and cost-effective services available.

Since its inception, City Duct Cleaning Inc. has placed customer satisfaction foremost in its priorities. A large part of their growth can be attributed to referrals and repeat business with customers with whom long-term relationships have been formed. When the company surveyed their past customers, they received an approval rating of over 98%. Most people responding said they would use them again and recommend them to a friend. All business relationships are based on integrity, professionalism and trust.

The company often works directly for builders, ensuring quality heating and cooling performance in new homes and condos. City Duct also offers video inspection and air balancing in residential and commercial dwellings. A residential air duct cleaning job takes a few hours and is a surprisingly clean and routine process. While making your home’s air safer, duct cleaning can also reduce heating and cooling costs by allowing your system to operate more efficiently.

Duct cleaning can cut maintenance costs because a clean system has fewer breakdowns. Sleep patterns and overall personal comfort are generally improved in an environment of clean air. In addition, dryer vent cleaning improves the safety and efficiency of your dryer installation. As a dryer vent becomes filled with lint and other debris, drying time increases and can cause the dryer itself to overheat, sometimes causing a fire.

City Duct’s list of commercial clientele is extensive. Thousands of satisfied customers own or manage facilities such as schools, hospitals, laundromats, apartment buildings, and factories of all types and sizes. The company has state-of-the-art commercial vacuum equipment to handle any type of job, including truck-mount and portable equipment that allow them to reach the 50th floor of any building if required.

City Duct Cleaning Inc. – recipients of the 2005 Consumers Choice Award for Best Duct Cleaning – are proud of their employees and the integral part they play in the company’s success. For more information or to receive a free estimate, call (416) 293-1800 or visit them online at www.cityductcleaning.com.


City Duct Cleaning owners receiving the 2005 Consumers Choice Award

Consumers Choice Award

What is it you ask? Well, it’s an organization which conducts surveys, residential and commercial alike, across North America to determine who is the number one company in a variety of services ranging from travel to car rental to in-house service work.

The Consumers Choice Award has been conducting their surveys in the GTA for the past twelve years and since 2005, City Duct Cleaning Inc. has been chosen as the NUMBER ONE Air Duct Cleaner for the GTA.

We have, since day one, always taken pride in everything we do. To be recognized by an organization such as Consumers Choice, is beyond words, because the people of the GTA have spoken, through Consumers Choice, about how they feel regarding duct cleaning, and have made us the Number One company in this field.

We are greatful for the acknowledgment and will continue to do the best we can to make you realize again that we here at City Duct Cleaning Inc. are the right choice when it comes to air duct cleaning.

Receiving the 2007 Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence in the field of Air Duct Cleaning is (left) Glenn Gilbert, President, and (right) John Hardy, Vice-President of City Duct Cleaning Inc.

Thank you Toronto!