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City Duct Cleaning Toronto wins Consumers Choice Award

City Duct Cleaning Wins 8th Consumers Choice Award

Toronto Condo & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Specialists Win Consumers Choice Award.

City Duct Cleaning, a popular air duct cleaning services provider, won their 8th prestigious Consumers Choice Award. They provide a range of trusted and cost-effective services for residential and commercial clients in the Toronto area.

More information is available at http://www.cityductcleaning.com/.

City Duct Cleaning is a renowned and highly awarded business providing a variety of professional and cost-effective air duct cleaning services for residential properties, including condos, apartments or homes of all sizes, and commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools or factories of all types, and more, in the Toronto area, since 1987.

The industry leading air duct cleaning company won its 8th Consumers Choice Award, recognizing the business excellence in small and medium sized businesses through statistically accurate independent market research surveys to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction and business excellence.The company’s range of residential and commercial air duct cleaning, insulation removal, dryer duct cleaning and attic insulation removal services are delivered by a qualified team of professionals equipped with a premier truck-mounted vacuum system using high pressure air, including various air snakes and air whips, to guarantee the best possible indoor air quality, cleanest living or work environment and significant energy usage/cost savings.

Free estimates on the popular City Duct Cleaning services can be requested at 416 293-1800 or online through the website, also featuring information on the range of prestigious awards won by the company for industry-leading air duct cleaning and premier customer care along details on its full service area and multiple customer reviews.

City Duct Cleaning Toronto explains that “it is truly an honor to be recognized in our field by the communities in which we serve. Especially since we are so gifted in what we do. There are several duct cleaning companies in the Toronto area who claim to be the best but we actually have the awards to prove it!”

The business adds that “since our inception, the commitment has been to provide the highest quality, dependable and cost-effective services available while placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of our priorities. A large part of our growth can be attributed to referrals and repeat business from customers with whom long-term relationships have been formed. When we surveyed our past customers, we received an approval rating of over 98%. We at City Duct Cleaning Inc. are your comfort professionals”.

105mmx excellent home duct cleaning services

Excellent Home Duct Cleaning Services

Its always nice to hear some praise for the excellent work we do, so here are some recent comments from some of our awesome customers…

Jim from Toronto…

Just want to say thanks to the guys at City Duct Cleaning. They did a great job & showed me all the dirt that came out of my ducts. What a lot of JUNK. Anyways if you need your ducts cleaned, call City Duct.

Debbie from Toronto …

I had no idea as to how much dust was in our ducts. Allan took off the intake vent & showed me all the dust that was stuck on the nails and wood. After 2 hours (and of course a prayer….Thank you) he had everything out. Thank You.

 Stephen from Pickering…

The insulation in our attic took the crew from City Duct almost a full day to remove. Stupid raccoons got up through the soffet and started living up there. They took care of all the insulation and raccoon droppings, and took it to the dump. After seeing what the guys go through I can appreciate what a difficult job it actually is. Thanks A Lot.

Thank You from Mark & Debbie…

This is the 2nd time I’ve had City Duct clean my ducts. First was back in 2004 when we had a fire. This time we called them ourselves because we remembered what a wonderful job they did before.

Sandra. T. from Toronto

Liza at City Duct Cleaning explained how the technicians would clean my ducts. I understood everything she said and they did exactly what she said they would do. They even vacuumed my hot water tank & shined it up. Thank you for a clean job..

 John & Darlene from Toronto…

I had my ducts cleaned by a company who charged me $99.00. But after renovations, we decided to do it again so we googled duct cleaning Toronto and found City Duct Cleaning. After talking to the lady on the phone, I couldn’t believe how much more they do then the other company we had last year. City Duct Cleaning charged us $289.00 but what a job they did. They even pulled out stuff that has been in our ducts for a long time; obviously the other company had inferior equipment and didn’t do a good job. Next time it won’t be the $99.00 house special that gets my money.

Consumers Choice Best Duct Cleaner TV Show

2010 Consumers Choice Award For Best Duct Cleaner The annual Consumers Choice Awards for 2010 for The Greater Toronto Area will air on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 at 5:00 pm on CHCH TV.The show features the presentation of this highly prestigious award to businesses who have excelled above their competition and who have provided business excellence in their prospective fields. If you want to know who are the best companies in just about any field imaginable, watch the show and find out for yourself. All of these proud winners serve the Toronto area.

City Duct Cleaning will be there receiving our 6th consecutive award for best Air Duct Cleaner in the GTA for 2010.

There are categories for best restaurants, best car dealerships, there is some entertainment as well, and awards were presented to best man and best woman of the year in the Greater Toronto Area as well.

Don’t forget to watch us on the 26th at 5:00. 🙂

Dryer Vent and Air Duct Cleaning Testimonials

Here is another small sampling of the 100’s of testimonials that City Duct Cleaning has acquired over the years. We literally have stacks of these in our office and while we are thrilled with each and every testimonial, it would be impossible to post them all here. Our sincere thanks go out to all of you that have taken the time to call or write to let us know how we are doing.

Some of these people have called in their testimonials, while others have written and then mailed in an air duct cleaning testimonial or even a dryer vent cleaning testimonial. We have also gathered several comments and short reviews from our Quality Control Questionaires that we ask our customers to fill out while we are on site.

“Job was very well done. Neat, courteous and cleaned up work very well. Very good all around.”

“We were very pleased with the work performed. Your crew was on time, professional, and worked very efficiently.”

“Allan did a great job. He worked very hard and explained everything. He took his shoes off every time he entered the house. Thanks, Allan.”

“Thanks for the great job. The sales girl on the phone and your technicians were all great and friendly.”

“Thank you for working us into your busy schedule. Because of your prompt service we were able to move back into our home a few days earlier.”

“I want to express my appreciation for the expert duct cleaning work at my house. I am very pleased at the way your employees handled themselves.”

Clean Air At Last

Just a few months ago one of our customers told us he was feeling very ill and stuffed up every time he spent any more than half an hour in his own home. We went in and cleaned his air ducts and installed a whole-house hepa filtration system. This customer also took our recommendation that he purchase a smaller room-sized portable hepa filter for the master bedroom and now according to this gentleman, everything especially his health has changed for the better. Much better.

During subsequent follow-up calls, he stated that he was highly impressed with the duct cleaning we did. The technicians showed him all the dirt that was coming out of the ducts before it got sucked into our large hose. He also opted to have his duct system sealed and deodorized after the cleaning was done as we suggested, and all in all this turned out to be another amazing job well done by us, City Duct Cleaning Inc., the air quality problem solvers. We’re damned good at what we do.

We also explained how to adjust the duct vents and dampers with the changing seasons so they can continue to enjoy the best possible air flow in their home all year long.

If you and your family are suffering from poor indoor air quality like many people are, then you owe it to yourself to call City Duct. People never seem to even imagine that one call can have their air quality problems solved so quickly and easily.

2010 Best Duct Cleaner Award Toronto

Here’s a shot of our most recent duct cleaning award. This is the Consumers’ Choice Award for Best Toronto Duct Cleaner for 2010.



This is our sixth consecutive Consumers’ Choice Award.

Thank you Toronto for voting us as the GTA’s best duct cleaner for 2010.

City Duct Cleaning Wins Consumers Choice Award For Sixth Consecutive Year

Thank you Toronto for choosing City Duct Cleaning as Best Duct Cleaner in the GTA for 2010. This is the sixth consecutive year that we have won this award.

We are proud to have won this prestigious award once again, and we will continue to provide all our valued customers with honesty and integrity and the best quality services.

The Toronto Consumers’s Choice Awards will air on a major television station sometime around the end of August or the beginning of September. We will post the date, time and TV channel as soon as we get the exact info.

Thank you again for selecting us as your Best Air Duct Cleaner. Toronto Rocks!!

Real duct cleaning reviews from toronto

Real Duct Cleaning Reviews From Toronto

Here are some more real reviews that came from City Duct customers. Most of these were brought back to us in writing, and appeared on our Quality Questionaire checklists.At City Duct Cleaning we provide our customers with quality workmanship and an honest service. Its no wonder that people are truly satisfied with our work.

With the spring now here, I am glad City Duct Cleaning cleaned my air ducts, as I can now concentrate on my gardening.
Anna in East York

Less dusting is all I asked for. Cleaning my air ducts was the smartest thing to do. Thankyou city duct.
Jill from Scarborough

Good duct cleaning John. Thanks for the dryer duct cleaning too.
John from Pickering

Air duct cleaning, dryer ducts, furnace cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing all for $350.00. Seemed like a lot, but you did an excellent job and after company price shopping, City Duct Cleaning was cheaper by $70.00. Thanks
Scott & Josie T.

Thanks for cleaning the birds nest out. I will call you guys for my ducts in the summer.

Duct cleaning and deodorizing sure made a difference after our renovations. I’ll tell my neighbours and who gets the $50.00 discount for referral?

Excellent job. I was really impressed with the way the two workers covered and cleaned all air registers. Duct cleaning, done right is a good service to have done.
Brenda S.

Your compressor and vacuum scared 7 out of my cat’s 9 lives, but my air ducts are cleaner so it was worth it.
Mary and Al

My allergies and dusting are both not as bad since City Duct Cleaning cleaned my air duct system. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I would recommend City Duct Cleaning to anyone.
Stacy L.

Reviewing your website and seeing the Consumers choice and top choice award shows honesty on your part. I spoke to other duct cleaners who claimed to be award winners but after researching, I found out that they were lying. Keep up the good work and you will stay at the top of your duct cleaning field. I will tell my co-workers and friends/family about City Duct Cleaning.
Bill in Toronto

We had our ducts cleaned three times now in 5 years and I always thought we had good work done. I really could not believe how much dirt your men just pulled from my ducts today. You just earned a life long customer. Thankyou so much.
K. Perry

Rip-Off Duct Company Gets Shut Down

Here’s an interesting story about a company in Boston who advertised air duct cleaning services and then once in the customers’ homes, proceeded to rip them off by using high pressure sales tactics to upsell additional services and products that were not even delivered.

The story says that people were sold electrostatic air filters and ultraviolet light air purification systems, which in themselves are good things, however, the company somehow pressured people to prepay for these items and additional services that they would not receive.

The company has been ordered to pay restitution. Part of the agreement states that should the company, which ceased business operations in August 2008, re-open, they would be required to change their business practices to ensure future consumers are provided with open and honest communication and that merchandise will only be paid for after delivery. Why would anyone expect anything less?

My guess is they’ll be back, working under a different company name. We’ve seen the same type of thing happen here in the Toronto area.

If you see an ad or get offered an air duct cleaning for your home that you know is priced well below market value, you can bet that there will either be extra charges or poor workmanship or both. At least that’s one thing they can guarantee you. So why waste your time and your money? This applies to any type of service, not just duct cleaning.

When you need your air duct system properly cleaned, call us at City Duct Cleaning. We are a very reputable, award-winning company and we treat all our customers with the respect they deserve.