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Dog and cat urinated in my air duct

My Animals Urinated in My Duct System Again! What Can I Do?

Pet Urine is difficult to locate in any home, even though it is very easy to smell. Pet urine can be removed out of your duct work. To determine where your pet has urinated, provide yourself with a UV black light. Make sure you turn all the lights off on that floor, so that you can be sure to see the glow.

Once you detect the area(s) where the pet has urinated, you must clean that area in its entirety. Most times animals will go to the bathroom on carpet or hardwood floors, which can be located close to your duct system. Once an animal has urinated in one spot then it is very instinctive that they keep re-soiling that specific area.

To remove the odor, it is highly NOT-RECOMMENDED to use any products that are ammonia based. As you know, if you have this problem, most urine has ammonia in it, which does not effectively clean the soiled area, and will keep the animal still interested to keep re-soiling this spot. We do recommend the use of baking soda with white vinegar. Please always do a test spot first to ensure that it does not create more damage, by discoloring your carpets or hardwood floors. Make sure that these products do not enter your heating and cooling system. If any of the products do enter the duct system, you should open all the windows and doors and call us.

Once the surrounding areas around the vents are cleaned, you will need to hire a professional duct cleaner. Dust, debris, crevices, or cracks can hold in the pet urine odor. Once your system is running it will distribute this awful smell throughout the home. At City Duct Cleaning we have the proper chemicals that can remove the urine smell from inside the ductwork, without contaminating the rest of your system.

 We have a long-time customer who had a kitten that took a liking to urinating directly over one particular air vent in her home.

The heat from the furnace would dry it out and spread the stink throughout the entire floor that vent was serving.

It was necessary to replace the metal boot and the first pipe leading into it. Due to the nature of normal ductwork installations, where one pipe goes into the next one to enhance proper air flow, there was a gap where the two fittings connected that could not be reached to be cleaned. So we replaced those two parts and the air vent even though it was necessary to put a hole in the drywall directly below that air vent.

We also encapsulated the entire duct system, paying closer attention to that duct run. Our chemical also happens to work perfectly on drywall, concrete and wood, so while we had the space open we also sealed all around the area where the vent was (between the floor and the ceiling below). This procedure solved the problem with the odor completely.

It is not clear how she was able to get her kitten to stop peeing in the vent.

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Clean Air Inspection

Clean Air at Work and at Home

In Toronto where the weather is unusually hot this year, your air conditioner is very important. City Duct Cleaning Inc. offers a variety in Air Conditioning solutions in the GTA area. All of our work is fully guaranteed.

The HVAC equipment and tools that we use are the highest standard in our industry, to be able to manage any task small to large. All of our technicians are trained and certified in the duct cleaning field.

We provide a high quality professional air duct cleaning service for homes and businesses in the Toronto area.

Follow the links on our site as we have several photo albums available which include photos that were taken while providing these services.

Please contact us if you have any questions or for a free estimate… 416-293-1800.


Dirty dryer vent connector

Cleaning of Your Dryer Exhausts

dryer lint
Did you know that dryer fires are one of the most common fires in Ontario? This is because most homeowners don’t realize the amount of lint that comes off of their clothes with every cycle. When you dry your clothes most of the lint is trapped in your lint trap. The rest of the lint builds up on the inside of your dryer piping. With this lint collection and the gas that your dryer puts out (even if electric), plus the temperature of your dryer, heats this lint up and dries it out. Now this extremely dry lint is in the line of the gas from the exhaust, which in turn can catch it on fire.

Also with dryers that have long connections this lint can build up so much over time that it actually clogs the ventilation kit to the outside of your home.

If this goes undetected, and the clog has time to keep catching more and more lint, the exhaust line will be so plugged that even the moisture from the dryer will also collect in the lines.

When there is water / condensation in a dryer line, this can create unnecessary replacement of the exhaust line itself. Even though dryer vents are routinely blocked with lint, birds and squirrels also like to provide this area for nesting and raising babies, because of the small, dark, dry area which can be a frequent cause of dryer vent blockage and our equipment allows us to remove these blockages as well.
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condominium dryer vent cleaning

dryer duct cleaning toronto

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Why Is It Important That the Air Stream Side of the Furnace is Cleaned

At City Duct Cleaning we always clean the air stream side of the furnace with each and every duct cleaning. We will clean out the filters, fan, fan compartments, heat exchangers, the air side of the plenums and the coils. This service is included in our base cost, as we find it one of the most important jobs to complete in a home.Anyone can just clean the duct system in your home. Great, the inside of the ducts may be cleaned, but once your system becomes active again, your ducts are just as dirty when you started. The key is to clean the above components as part of the job.During the procedure, we block off all the vents in your home, and our powerful truck-mounted vacuum puts your duct system under negative air pressure. We then supply 250 psi of air pressure to the actual vents as well as inside the main ducts. There is no where for the dust to escape.

If the air stream components are not cleaned as well, then they could possibly re-infect your heating and cooling system as soon as you start using your heating or cooling again. There should never be an extra charge to have this section completed.

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule such as when a coil is extremely plugged. This means the coil has collected so much dirt that it will no longer allow air to pass through it. Plugged coils require a lot of time to clean properly and if this is the case then there will always be an extra charge. Otherwise, a normal cleaning as part of our service always completes the job.


House Dustx

Dust – How Does It Contaminate Your Home?

Dust is sneaky. Without even looking for it, it forms so you can see it. Dust is everywhere, and it is unavoidable. We allow dust to freely enter our homes on a day to day basis. Having windows open, opening doors to go in and outside, sneezing, animals, walking across carpeting, unrolling paper towels or toilet paper, folding laundry, shaking mats or scratching our skin all creates day to day dust.

Your duct system recycles this contaminated air throughout your home every day all day. How does this affect you?  When these contaminants find a hiding place in/on any of your furnace components such as filters, fans, fan compartments, heat exchangers, and air conditioning coils, they make your furnace tired. Just like when you go for a hike with only the stuff that you’re wearing, then your friend asks you to carry their backpack too, more weight, less movement.  When this happens to your system it causes it to work harder and run continuously which in turn is costing you much more in energy costs. As if that is not enough in itself, the fan in your furnace is now blowing all this extra dust around your home.

Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of dust entirely, but there is a way you can gain control over the amount of dust and that is by properly cleaning out your air ducts. You are cleaning out the systems that allow all air to pass through your home and thus cutting down on the air borne pollutants that are invading your home.

Please call us at City Duct Cleaning for a free quote. We are your best choice for Toronto Duct Cleaning.


Should We Get Our Ducts Cleaned Before or After We Move Into Our New House?

Congratulations on your new purchase. Purchasing a new home can be overwhelming at times, but is a major accomplishment in life. If your new or used home has a furnace with ductwork attached, we recommend that the ductwork gets cleaned first before you move in.

To help your family’s health, an air duct cleaning is the most important cleaning for your home. Airborne allergens and pollutants enter into your home, creating dirty air. This dirty air is then cycled through your HVAC system catching other dust and debris and spreading it everywhere. At home you should always have “peace of mind” and this includes the air that you breathe. You clean your counter tops on a regular basis, why shouldn’t you clean your duct system too?

If you have purchased a new home, then having your ducts cleaned should be number 1 on your list. Builders have hired contractors on site to do anything from carpentry to painting. Unfortunately, none of these contractors have a care on what they throw down your duct system. To them it is out of site, out of mind. Then it becomes your problem. In new homes it is common for us to find nails, screws, drywall, urine, pop cans, pizza boxes, cigarette packages and so on. These items will block the flow of air from moving in the most efficient way and it will also make the whole system work harder, thereby costing you more money to pay for the extra energy that is used.

If you have purchased a used home, we also recommend that the ducts be cleaned. You don’t know how the previous owners used to live. Where they clean people? Did they look after there responsibilities? Did they have pets? Did they smoke? Did they clean their ducts in prior years?

We at City Duct Cleaning recommend that every three years you should have your ducts cleaned. Within a 3 year time limit, it is estimated that you will collect around 7-10 pounds of dust and debris in your ducting system.Clean vents are healthy vents.

To get the best air quality in your house, please contact us for a free no – obligation quote on a whole house duct cleaning @ 416-293-1800. Your house is your biggest asset, so it is worth the little money to have your air duct cleaning done right. 😛